From Dusk Till Dawn

This film was created in 1996, by Robert Rodriguez with screenplay by Quentin Tarantino (who also stared in the film). This film was created for crime, horror and action seekers, with all the action packed crime, with the two brothers seeking a way out, whilst robbing banks, using hostages, then gore with the overpowering load of vampires taking over the a bar. This film has a rating of 7.2 (according to IMDB) where viewers who have watched the film placed their opinion in a statistical manner (Quantitative). Also looking at the stats, more men were appealed to this film, as the votes for males reached 93,182 views mostly ranging from the ages of 18-44 but only 12,300 women voted from the same age group. This is then proving that the film is more aimed at men from a wide age group. Again looking through Facebook statistics I have found that more men from the same age group liked the film more than women with 30,200 likes from men and only 19,980 likes from women.

The actors and characters used can appeal to different audiences, i.e. some women could be watching so they can see George Clooney and Quentin Tarantino and again men could be watching to see Juliette Lewis or Salma Hayek. Or the audience could be watching to see their idols, which can be a number of people as there is a fair few actors in this film.


In the beginning two of the main characters are introduced surprisingly, the film begins with an officer pulling up into a petrol station, then once in he is talking to the clerk about the two men ‘If I get my hands on them’, all the while without knowing that they were already in the same store at that moment (the audience is unaware at this moment). This is showing the closeness of the officer and the bad guys, almost mocking the officer, as he had a chance to take on the two men but couldn’t see it. The officer moves on into the bathroom, whilst he is going to the bathroom the camera is moving with him, then pans with him, so when he leaves the shot, the camera is still panning to then reveal one of the bad men holding a hostage, who then comes towards the camera holding his gun in a steady position (moving towards the clerk).

From the clerks point of view the audience can see both men clearly in shot, one pointing the gun to the clerk, the other pointing their gun to their hostage. They start speaking to the clerk about sticking to the plan, (revealing that the clerk already knew they were in the store). They all then begin to argue quietly so the officer cannot hear them, then the toilet flushes so to calm the situation George says “everybody be cool, you be cool”, as he says “you be cool” the camera moves to a close up of his face, so the words then feel more powerful showing his clear facial expressions.

Hiding back into position the officer comes from the toilet and goes back to where the clerk is (still oblivious of the men in the store). Then from out of nowhere Quentin comes from his hiding place and places a gun to the officer’s head and fires point blank. Out comes the other guy as they both start arguing, Quentin claims the clerk tried to send signals, as they previously argued about this situation whilst the officer was in the bathroom. Then all hell breaks loose as Quentin then shoots the clerk in the arm, as the two men are arguing the clerk gets out his gun then starts shooting back. During this there is some features of extreme gore and blood loss and Quentin gets shot in the hand, (which later the audience can see through it), and the clerk is still getting up, even though he had been shot at a few times. Creating a distraction Quentin shots at all the alcohol above the clerk as George sets alight some toilet paper, then throws it other towards the clerk and sets him fire. As he is burning he gets back up screaming, (you should never let them know when you are going to strike, there was no element of surprise) so both the men shot at the clerk. By showing the clerk on fire for a while then being able to stand up and try to fight is mere impossible, which could be representing the rest of the film, by showing that there may be more impossible factors within the rest of the film (vampires).

Leaving the store, as they walk the station blows up as walk away from the store walking towards the camera, where they then drive off. There are shots of a T.V screen (news with the anchor on site) taking over the screen of a women talking about the incidence the how the men have captivated a women and using her as a hostage. To create the T.V looking screen they would have had to film as normal, with the woman talking to the camera up close like a real anchor would and then add effects to the shot later in the post. As the women is talking about them having a hostage, the hostage is then revealed in the boot of their car, but in a see through motion, this would have been created by putting two separate shots over each other during the post production, where they would both then fit in to place depending on the way it was shot.

Getting to Know the Men:

The audience will realise that the men are brothers as they talk whilst they are in a cheap motel, however one of the brothers (Quentin) shows he is quiet but crazy and imagines things, (selective imagination, hears what he wants to hear). George leaves Quentin with the hostage to them come back and find that he has killed her, now they have to find another hostage to get to their wanted location safely. The character played by Quentin Tarantino is a quiet person, but then surprises everyone with his actions, i.e. shooting the officer when not needing to, killing the hostage etc. This can be linked to enigma as his personality changes, one minute he is seen to be shy and quiet with his soft voice and steady movements, and then in the next second, he’s guns blazing and crazy.

Meeting the Family:

Changing to another location the audience would suspect maybe they would become the hostages, as the shots changes to a family (2 teenagers and their dad) all talking normal (family talk). Then when they check into a motel the audience will know that it’s the same one, so when Quentin goes and knocks onto their door, they would know that they are in trouble as he asks for a ‘bucket for their ice’ then as the dad goes to give it to him, there is a gun pointing in his direction, where George walks into the room and threatens the dads sons life unless he helps sneak them into Mexico. All aboard they pile into the campervan and set off, once passing the boarder from the USA and into Mexico they pause for a celebration, so they go into a bar.

Truck Drivers Only Welcome:

Wanting to go into the bar they were refused by the doorman to which both men beat him and waltzed on in, then they are warned that they had to leave as they did not own a truck, but the dad used to be a truck driver and had a licence/permit for driving trucks, (the refusals in both incidences could have been there chances to escape, as the bar only accepts people who may not be missed or who have travelled from a far). As they are in the bar it seems like the normal strip type bar, with half naked woman parading around the place (appealing to men, as the daughter is the only female customer). One dancer starts dancing as then the guy who got beat up and another two comes along and starts a fight with both the beginning bad men, to which Quentin again shots another person, but during the fight his hand injury began to bleed, to which the female dancer started to smell the blood as she then dived on him to bite him. To also show the audience the weirdness of the places when one of the bar men got stabbed and the knife was pierced through the table, the blood on the knife was green.

Taking Action:

Everything starts kicking off as everyone who works within the bar turns into imaginative crazy looking vampires (they look completely different to what other films aspire vampires to look like). So through this scene it’s the trucker’s verse the vampires, Quentin is the first to go, as he lies dead on the floor. Throughout there is blood and gore as body parts are being thrown around the room, as the humans take action to find anything wooded and sharp to stake their hearts (going back to the old wise tales). Then as the first lot are dead George goes up to his brother to which his eyes open as he tries to attack to which he is then staked, and the humans realised they have to kill the dead before they rise. One by one they  get taken down as more creepy looking vampires come into the bar, so they take to hiding and defending themselves, then in the backroom they find whatever they can to defeat them, i.e. shotguns, water pistols with holy water (the dad was a retired priest, so he made the water holy), etc. The dad turns into a vampire and tries to attack his son to which at one point half is face goes missing as his son threw a holy water balloon in his face, then his son gets captured, (it’s too late for him), so when his sister shots him and the surrounding vampires eating him, they all explode. (Extreme Explosion).

All there is left was George and the daughter, to defend themselves against the entire bar full of vampires, so realising the suns came up they break open the shutters and the vampires are killed off. When they get out the reason for them wanting to go into Mexico was for the two brothers to give some outside men a brief case, full of money. The only reason the outside dealers picked the bar, was because it looked good on the outside, and that the other dealers had never actually been inside the bar. Once they go their separate ways and drive off the camera pans away to an establishing shot where the back of the bar is revealed, the back of the bar is on the edge of a mountain of steps, (looks like a dump site), full of old broken lorries and trucks looking as though they have been thrown down there, and the vampires have been there for a while.

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