Media product questionnaire

Below is a questionnaire that I have constructed which will hopefully help give necessary feedback on how the producers of two major game products that have similarities through online multiplayer and campaign and how the products use the specific uses of layout of the two trailers and what effectiveness it has towards the target audience. The questionnaire will consist of different question types such as multiple choice, open and closed questions. The questionnaire will also feature questions which help get to know a bit about the audience such as their hobbies and how old they are.


1) Are you male or female?

2) What is your age?

3) What is your ethnic origin?

4) What are your hobbies?

5) What is your preferred choice of gaming device? Ps3, Xbox or PC? Why?

6) Do you use the internet for other entertainment besides gaming? If yes what is it?

7) How often do you use the console?

8) How many game devices do you posses?

9) Do you buy games for the storyline, online multiplayer or both?

10) How do you purchase the product? Internet or shop?

11) Which of the two trailers do you prefer? Why?

Links to the two trailers: Link to Battlefield 3 trailer:

Link to Modern Warfare 3 trailer:

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