Results from Audience responses to two similar video games

Question Answer
Gender: male 100% female 0% Age: 16-21 83% 21-25 16%

Ethnic origin: British, White British, Rastafarian, White, British

Hobbies: Tennis, Video games, painting, living a relaxed life, photography & watching films

Preferred gaming product, why? open world RPG, Platform games, open world creative games, Sony Playstation, always had better quality product and service, Xbox because they create a different kind of gaming experience than others. console gaming such as ps3 I play first person shooters and games like Arkham city.
Use of the console besides gaming: watching DVDs, The Internet, video shearing, social sites, sending messages, tv. films, yes to watch movies, the TV apps, Yes for watching programmes and films on Netflix & yes Blu-ray.

How often do you use the console? 1-5 hours 83% 5-10 hours 16%

How many game devices do you have? 1 33% 2 16% 3+ 50%

How do you purchase the product? Online store 50% shop at local town 66%

Which of the two trailers did you prefer? why? Battlefield 3. Destructible buildings. MW3. Since I am more aware of cod and don’t give a rats about battlefield. Battlefield, it gave a brief insight into the story, it featured much more gameplay imagery, seemed to have more meaning where as call of duty was just explosion after explosion. The battlefield trailer gave the audience much more information by using gameplay footage. Battlefield 3 because it appeals to me more than Call Of Duty games.

The questionnaire shows that no females took the quiz giving an understanding that this questionnaire appealed to no other audience than a male one that were mainly aged from 16 to 21.The two main contending products, Ps3 and Xbox preferred choice when it came to why there was a mix of what each person enjoyed, some mainly for web searching and social networking and others who using mainly for movie apps and its online gaming. The hours playing the consoles were seen greater from 1-5 hours this could be as the audience does other activities that may be more important such as jobs or family related issues. Even though more were seen playing less hours a greater percent had more than three consoles questioning if they have more consoles why is more hours played less on them? For the last question a greater number of people preferred Battlefield 3 as it gave more information on the storyline and that it featured more gameplay footage.

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