Outcome 3 Questionnaire



The questionnaire I used had some very specific questions, which were designed to get a certain type of answer. The questionnaire itself is based on answers we already know but the point of it is to see the public opinion. This means when comparing I will be checking the public answers against the preferred answers.

For example



Q1. Is this statement true in your eyes? “There are no original film ideas anymore”


Yes – 3

No – 6


Evaluation Q1 – This is completely as expected, more people vote for ‘no’ , this could be down to fanboyism where people don’t like the fact that someone is accusing their industry or a part of their industry of going downhill.


Q2. Out of the films below which do you think is the most original? (Circle two)


Harry Potter – 2

Lord of the Rings: Fellowship of the ring – 6

Shrek – 1

Monsters Inc. – 3

Rush Hour 2 – 1

The Mummy Returns – 0

Pearl Harbour – 3

Ocean’s Eleven – 0

Planet of the Apes – 1


Evaluation Q2 – Most people chose Lord of the Rings: Fellowship of the Ring which is interesting as it isn’t an original, just an adaptation of the JR Tolkien books. I can see why people chose it, it was the first of its kind in terms of scale. The fellowship was also the first of the three part sequel. The films in this which are actually originals and not adaptation are Pearl Harbour and Monsters Inc. These two came joint second highest. Then evidence tells me that the original films do stand out however sometimes people are mislead because they don’t know the roots of where the story has actually come from.


Q3. Do you tend to watch the sequels of good films you have seen before?


Yes – 9

No – 0



  • If I liked the first film, I would watch the second film
  • Awesome to see what happens next i.e. cliff hanger
  • Safety, you know you will like it
  • Because the first one had good story, plots etc.
  • Expect the good quality to continue
  • Because its normal to
  • Because I want to see the continued story


Evaluation Q3 – Everyone voted yes which is as predicted. The reasons why listed below generally centre on the fact that story in the first one was good then they put trust in the sequel.





Q4. Why do you think there are more original films in 1981 as apposed to 2011?

  • A lot of ideas hadn’t been explored
  • They didn’t have much to be inspired from in 1981
  • New remakes with new effects in 2011
  • 2011 just recycles old films
  • They cared about the films in 1981, where as they care about the money now
  • Film Genres hadn’t been overdone

Evaluation Q4 – All results tend to fix on how in 1981 things were simpler, and how if the ideas were simple the idea was usually a true original idea. It also seems that in contrast producers in 2011 worry less about the story and more about the budget  for special effects and how much money it would make.


Q5. Have you seen the film UP? If yes what element attracted you to the film. (Select two). If no see Q6.




Ground breaking animation – 2

The fact that it was from Pixar – 3

That it was about resolution of dreams that hadn’t happened – 2

The combination of unique characters – 5

How colourful it was – 0




Q5.2.Have you seen the film Monsters Inc. If yes what element attracted you to the film? (Select two). If no see Q6


Ground breaking animation – 2

The fact that it was from Pixar – 1

That is was about friendship, parental responsibilities and a flipside of the monster under the bed tale – 3

The combination of unique characters – 4

How colourful it was – 2


Evaluation Q5 – The questions were worded in a way which played around the story without mentioning it. The point of question 5 was to examine the deeper reasons why the story is so important in an original story. 3 people selected “That is was about friendship, parental responsibilities and a flipside of the monster under the bed tale” and 2 people for “That it was about resolution of dreams that hadn’t happened”. This was the trick question in a way. The option people were looking for was ‘the story’. Instead I gave a statement, which describes the meaning behind the story. Some people selected this because they were looking for ‘Story’ and this was the closest one to it, however interestingly the most voted for “the combination of unique characters totalling 9 votes from both questions. This suggests that the audience when looking for an original film directs their attention to the characters and how the are integral to the film and other characters around them. It is about connection between these characters and how they translate the meaning of the film.


Q6. What do you think the success of an original film depends on? (select one)


The idea and nothing else

The use of special effects

The production company that made it all happen

The director

The budget

The advertising

The trailer

The genre


Evaluation Q6 What do you think the success of an original film depends on? (Select one) is in a way, a trick question. An original film is not just one element; it is a combination of things. I treated this as an observational experiment as well so that while they were filling out the questionnaires I stood nearby and waited for questions to be directed at me because some of the questions were only allowing one choice. The audience response especially for Q6 is that the majority didn’t want to pick just one. In fact a few people even pointed out that they believed it was a collaboration of all the elements that made an original film. From this I have gained more in-depth qualitative data and it is also a more true representation of public thinking.  However that being said the one option they still had to choose gave a god insight into how the public perceives films. 8/9 people chose ‘The Idea and nothing else’ for Q6 the one that didn’t chose ‘The director’. This is interesting because most of the creative ideas come from the director, so this links into the other answers. From this I can see that although original films are a collaboration of elements, they’re epicentre is a good original idea.



Collectively I can evaluate that the audience, when looking for an original film directs there attention to the story and how the characters work within that story. The characters have to have strong connections between each other. Looking for widely, the story is the root of the original idea but is, and needs to be supported by other factors, like who directs it, what direction they take it in etc.


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