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Dracula changing over time to Twilight

Dracula V’s Twilight

I am going to talking about how the vampires for Dracula have changed into the modern Twilight vampires over the years.

Dracula. 1931 directed by Tod Browning and Karl Freund.

Count Dracula kill his victims by staring at them wildly and spreading his fingers out by the side of him. At the beginning of the film Dracula is living in Transylvania his native homeland, but he moves to England thus making him have to take dirt from Transylvania to England.  Dracula’s nails are made to look pointy just like Nosferatu the first vampire.

When Dracula is in England trying to get Mina a cigar box is opened and his reflection doesn’t show in the mirror inside the box. As most vampire tales go Dracula has to sleep with the dirt from Transylvania during the daylight. If Dracula was ever to go out in the sun he would most likely burn and turn into ash. In the film the other characters talk about how Dracula looks wild like a wolf with the hunger for human blood. Dracula also has fangs that leave marks on humans when he bites them.

Twilight. 2008 directed by Catherine Hardwicke.

The Cullen family do not hunt humans. They call themselves vegetarians and kill animals instead for blood. They live in a big house so they can fit in with humans. The house is just outside of Forks so they can hunt easily without being noticed. The Cullen’s may have a big house but in their bedrooms they do not have coffins or beds as they don’t sleep at all. Edward, Jasper and Alice have special powers that make them more powerful. Edward has the power to read anyone’s minds apart from Bella’s, Jasper has control of human mood swings and Alice has the power to see the future.

All the vampires are able to go out during daylight but prefer to stay where it is  cloudy as if they go out into the sun their skin sparkles and attracts humans. To go with the skin they are also cold to the touch.

The Cullen family likes to fit in with the humans as most look young so they go to school to collect graduation caps. Also Carlisle works in the hospital to help people out as he doesn’t get hungry with the smell of human blood.

The vampires in this film have different eyes to a human. The vampires that drink human blood have red eyes and the Cullens eyes have an orange look to them, but when they get hungry they turn to a dark brown/ black colour. The vampires don’t have any fangs they just have sharp teeth that will bite into human flesh easily.

Comparing vampires.

Vampires have changed from Dracula who was made to be a monster and people were afraid of him so old tales were said and spread around Transylvania. Now today’s vampires are welcomed to join the humans around them as they think that there not that bad and not scary any more as they fit in with what humans do on a daily basis.

Starting in 1931 with the Dracula movie people viewed vampires as a monster that comes out at night to devour the blood of a human. When vampires of 1931 bite a human that human will be infected and become a vampire. One of the main part of a vampire is the two puncher holes on the neck of a person. Now in 2008 with the Twilight movie vampire are now shown as caring people but stay with their own kind. Some of the vampires have powers like reading minds, seeing the future or controlling people’s emotions etc. The Twilight vampires don’t have fangs their teeth are sharp and can penetrate through skin but the bite puts venom into the person and can change that human. This shows how we view vampires from when they were created as monsters to what they are now living with humans.

The viewers attitude towards 1931 vampires was after watching the film they would walk out of the cinema looking over their shoulder to make sure there was no one there. The attitude towards 2008 vampires was totally different people were welcoming them wanting the vampires to be with them and change them so they can live a immortal life. This is showing the viewers have got use to the vampire idea and now most people fantasise about getting bitten and changing into a vampire.

The acting in Dracula 1931 was big movements so unrealistic to the point where each movement was big and bold to make the vampire more of an animal that is so blood thirsty. The acting in Twilight 2008 is more subtle and has less dramatic facial features but they still have a little wild look to them as they don’t eat humans.

From the beginning vampires have been very sharp, bold and animal like to what they are now which is more human but still having a little of the wild animal in them.

Film makers over the years have changed vampires but they still keep their reputation. They have weakened from being the scary monster that everyone thought was real enough to be scared of at night. Now vampires don’t even need half of the stuff they were first thought to need. Vampires today are more humanised than what they were over fifty years ago.

To sum this all up Vampires are going to evolve more over the years to come in the film making industry. There is still more within the film industry that could be changed with regards to vampires. Vampires are more accepted in today’s society than what they used to be. Today people like to dress up and become vampires themselves. Anything to do with vampires is accepted as there are many different versions of vampires that has been either filmed or in books. Anyone can take little parts of a vampire and put them together to make their own kind of vampire. Modern day vampires are not shown as monsters any more as they have become more human like and able to fit in with society easily. Not many people are afraid of them anymore and would want the vampire to change them so they could live a vampire lifestyle.

Audience profiling


Production companies use audience profiling  when they need to investigate  a potential audience for their program. They do this to make sure the program is suitable for the target audience with correct content that will keep them interested.

The categories they use are:

Psychographics is helpful as it allows the company an insight into the audiences viewing and spending habits.

Demographics including socio- economic scales to help the company understand the income level and job types the audience would have.

Geodemographics is another way as it allows the companies to look at where the audience lives i.e. council estate, crowded city or rural area as these audiences would probably watch different types of programme.

Qualitative audience research

The techniques used to gather qualitative research are individual interviews, using small focus groups of no more than 10 people and observational techniques to gather precise and direct answers that are required. Qualitative research is more reliable than quantitative research as the data is more accurate.

Quantitative audience research

Quantitative research is when companies gather information in large amounts. They do this by collecting information from  surveys of large groups. The techniques used are mail surveys, telephone surveys, internet surveys and face to face public surveys.

Production Research

The purpose of production research is to gather together research into sections that are needed the most and sections that are high priority for starting a production for TV or film.

The methods used to research locations, equipment and finance would be done on the internet to get prices of equipment being rented out for a day. Getting location shots from all around the world to see if two different towns can match up to make one for the show/film. All of the finance researched to see what it may cost so everything can be monitored to avoid going over the budget.

The sources of information that are used to gather up would be finding out all the prices for equipment, flights, hotel, mobile homes and food costs. All this information put together will help plan out the rough amount of money that will be used in the making of the show/film.

Audience research

The purpose of audience research is to gather information from the target audience for a product to get more in depth analysis of what the audience is. There will be questions like age, gender, ethnic origin, county, income, job role, etc. This is just for the company to get a better understanding of what type of person buys their product.

The methods used to find a target audience are using qualitative and quantitative research. Qualitative research can find out the opinions and views on what the target audience think of the product ideas. Quantitative research is used to find data of previous products similar to it to improve and evolve, so the target audience will want to buy it. This will help out to find the target audience for the product.

The sources of information used to gather up a target audience would be seeing the reviews and ratings on previous products and looking on websites/YouTube to see what people had to say about that product. All the gathered information from this will help to find the target audience and create a questionnaire for them to see what they have to say about the evolving product.


Secondary research is when you use data already collected from other peoples work. They have done the questionnaires or experiments with people. You then use this research to find out what you need to know to complete your own research. This research is then publicly put out by the internet, news papers, news on TV, libraries, etc.

Critical Approaches market research

The idea of Market research is too see what people like and buy in the market and also to gather certain bits of information  from markets and people who buy certain products or brands. Market research can also be utilized for film production and ideas for the film society as it would give ideas for promotion, what people would expect, testing the concepts and knowing what is to be expected. Media companies would use this see what people would want  in terms of what they would expect for things like movies, TV shows, kids shows and etc all so the media is always seeing what people want and what the competition may be. 

Should media based companies want to use those techniques to get their way of collecting the evidence to what they are developing then It could be a way to try and get some more clearer results like trying to figure out what people want in the market and see what could get people to see what those developers produce.

The many ways of collecting market research can come from Online or written surveys, focus groups, personal interviews with groups of people, observing individuals and field trials. These tend to be the best ways of collecting the infomation and can being done from one of the ways can have good results.

The sources of information in market research can be collected by stats from goverment collecters to see the income and tradeing of a media based product, an economic investment which also looks at priceing and contents of said products and finally research reports that show summaries of products though needs registring.

Market research is also there to see if there is a gap in the market that producers and developers could jump onto knowing that there may be a chance they can be in that gap that can be commercial viability, sponsorship to get the funds can also be a help for the show or films finance as well as looking into the equipment that you will be using and looking into the time scale so you can see where the best time to release or show something will be so people can know whats so big at the time and keep the project on hold till there’s a chance to release the production.

The Primary research side of things is talking to people about what you could expect on the market or what certain people will want, this research helps when wanting to get exact results for wanting certain products created and need greater results that what’s already in the market.

Critical Approaches, Task 1 can the research help the media?

This first part will be about the types of research while later blogs will explain the different research methods such as market and audience research. I hope that this would have people know all the bits of research that can be done if people need it for work related things.

These are all important when developing some type of product or finding out certain bits for development plans.

Primary research in Media is showing the basics of budgeting for a production and how much the advertising can get peoples atttention. When it comes down to the wire, The ratings for a show and the Box office results of a film show what is successful and what needs better attention. should things go well for that production they will try and escalate on how it is doing and make more from that production such as marketing a lot more of what there already was.
Primary research can be direct or first hand evidence of what people would want to know, research data, video recordings, internet communications, focus groups, interviews, public opinions and many other ways of research gathering can be used  to get all the correct results of what people will want so those people will have all the ideas they can use.

The Secondary research is using the likes of the internet or current items that people like and trying to create new ways of distributing it more for audience’s attention. If someone likes something, that could be a good sign of  capitalising on the subject matter. While this is a way of research it won’t always have the right results so it won’t be the most reliable research even if primary research isn’t always easy to get. secondary research is also analysing, generating and evaluating original information that can be used to collect more research into looking what people would want in a show or movie.  some secondary research can also be about using books that can mention the importance of certain subjects and what they may have.  Other bits like articles on magazines, newspapers, references, reviews and others can be a way to get more research from other sources of the secondary side.

Quantitative research is the collected end sum of a box office hit’s money equal or how many of certain media products like games and CD’s have sold total meaning that profits could be made. If something is lacking the people seeing the results will know about it and try and figure out the problems and do something to try and sort out those issues.
Quantitative research is overall numbers being money from a box office, sales of DVD’s, CD’s or games, seeing what is most popular and the total number showing an overall result of something that has done well with viewers and buyers. seeing what has been sold and seeing an overall number can prove if wheather or not that certain media based product made a profit or flopped and didn’t get people to buy, missing out on sales numbers.

When it comes to TV or movies most people would expect proper quality from the content that would be shown and meeting up to audience standards giving those who wanted good quality from what they watch.  It could be used as research from social activity or knowing whats good and whats bad, the bad being is for those getting their production made but it would end up bombing dispite doing the research, the good is that if done right the production people can get better sucess and plan out some future ideas including if that production gets very popular and grabs more peoples eyes including buy some of their brands based around what that production had to offer.

Qualitative research is hearing people’s opinions, hearing peoples issues, seeing what people like more, understanding peoples tastes and going in depth on certain products. Hearing those opinions can give a lot of ideas for developers as well as keep getting people buying their products and keeping those people satisfied, if people don’t like what they have, then those people might make certain complaints and give reasons for why they are complaining. Developers want to give something to certain audiences in exchange for their money and in return people will be happy about that and keep supporting that product.

Quantitative Research is the number of something having a statistic number to it such as sales figures or knowing what number of products there will be. As well as this it would collect the data like it would keep track of what to see with the research as a whole.

Media effects theories

It’s thought that Media can effect certain people of certain ages in ways that are never fully figured out, teenagers can be middle of the road since they get influenced by certain media but during the first 8 years of their lives, children develop certain skills in their way of growing up  since they will be learning certain things.

It’s easy to say that video games can be a way of children learning to be violent though games have rating on them showing what the right age for them to play the game is, if children are playing a game they shouldn’t then that could be the parents problem since they got them the game and they let them play it in the first place since some games such as Yakuza and Grand Theft Auto (GTA) tend to be too realistic for younger audience’s that they will either develop those skills or be scared from those actions but at the same time their are games intended to younger players for kids as young as 3 to 12 which limits the violence, bad moments and nasty habits on what happens. However that can also be the opposite since the Norway shooter admitted that he played Modern Warfare 2 just to get the ideas of going on his shooting spree, because of that Norway has banned most first person shooter games. This tends to be a trend with certain countries banning certain games for what there is in violence and content, many counties banning GTA, Call of Duty and other games in those lines for violence, things that might offend cultures, moments that happen and   people won’t like and others like, nudity, gambling, sex or racism.

However a lot of TV and Music video’s can come into play since shows like Power Rangers and Teenage mutant ninja turtles while being kids shows tend to have a lot of violence to them dispite those shows being good vs evil however shows like World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) which used to be extremely violent for older viewers turned into a Parental guidance (PG) based show which would mean family based yet the violence can be over the top at times dispite those shows telling them to never try what they see at home for their safety, yet there can still be complaints about those shows for the violence, nasty bits of the shows or certain characters being too scary like Lord Zedd, Krang and Mark Henry. TV shows do try and make good with their target audience doing the right things but still get hammered in complaints. one example would be Tom and Jerry since while it’s more slapstick there tends to be more violence than any other show dispite being marketed for kids. As far as music video’s there can be moments that can be over the top moments such as characters doing nasty acts like fingering someone, alcohol drinking, women not wearing not much clothing and lip synching words that were censored in the song. swearing in music can be an issue at times since CD and download’s of the songs will go uncensored meaning if younger people are listening then a child just heard a nasty word though most CD’s do have a label saying what nasty’s there would be in the songs.

Film however also gets a lot of the issues, It was said that the 2 child murders of 1993 were influenced to kill just by watching child’s play 3 and a lot of backlash came to the developers who said that the kids must of been unstable to begin with. A lot of movies get the same treatment, some being banned in certain countries for portrayal of certain races, a lot of violence that can be brutal and at times unwatchable, fear of imitation of certain actions, scenes of rape and sexual abuse, heavy uses of blood and unwanted imagery. A good example is a film from Serbia called a Serbian film or as its called there Srpski Film in which has a heavy pornography based story which leads to a lot of violence, rape, murder and unknown amount of blood and Serbian swearing. At least 6 countries banned the movie with some versions being edited in others dispite the negative reception. Another example was a Clockwork Orange where director Stanley Kubrick who was British had a lot of angry fans on him saying his movie was too violent and gory and the film became banned in the UK until his death, the USA showed the movie but rated X and having to cut certain scenes and censor some moments for the films gory nature. Many people would assume this would be a copycat effect in that someone of a certain ages watches something and because of what goes on in the film their would be a slight chance that she or He’d go and start acting the way a character would and start doing the actions. In reality parents should limit what a child should watch or play and ensure that the child does the right things, learn what they would need to learn and don’t do the bad thing which could make them become a nasty child if not careful.

To say that video games and Movies are the truth to all violence in society is saying that God is the police, Parents should do the right things and teach their kids not to do certain acts, schools should teach them what’s right and wrong with the media and kids should be aware of what the right way in life is. copying something because they saw it on TV should not be a factor in their behaviour and they should be fully controlable for their actions.