Audience Profiling

Audience profiling is when you categorising a mass audience to understand the peoples needs and look at there social attitude rather than looking at their jobs or house in come. In this country the different classes use to be categorising would depend on home income, car ownership. However on the BBC website there is an individual social characteristics on lifestyles and leisure activities, it question are simple but there are some flaws. The option on how many people do you know in job certain job roles where limited, as the options where secretary and builder but no civil servants which is typically a middle class job. However today the social and economic class is complicated with it now categorised A, B, C1, C2, D, and E, with A the Elite part of society and E as unskilled people living on benefits. C1 and C2 are both middle class, but C1 is when you have money to spear unlike C2 is when your tight for cash due to debt.

People who are in D category are the people who live on council estates working in a low pay job at a supermarket or fast food chain, this people may get some form of benefit whether its child or disability but they would be educated and skilled. So when conducting research I would be looking mainly at their social attitude and interests, this was in the BBC Class test where it was asking people would you rather see opera to a rap concert.

Even though classifying people by their jobs is a good way of profiling a group of people I believe it is massively flawed, as in 21st century Britain social economical class is not as clear cut as it used to be. This is why for the Batman focus group and any future product to sell I will categorise the audience on social class than economics. 

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