Audience Research

Audience research is when a small group of people have to watch a performance of a film or TV show and give an in-depth opinion on what they think of it, this is one method to conduct audience research . However some people may lie about what they think of it to be nice or giving in to peer pressure as everyone else may have like or disliked it and so they would follow other peoples opinion, as according to the website Focus Groups ( When showing a screening of a film or TV show you need to show it your chosen target audience as those particular people will be the ones watching it, as you need to have a specific target audience brought down to age, gender, demographics and ethnic origin. If you don’t target a specific audience then your film or TV show would be a flop as you haven’t targeted an audience to see your film or show.

The methods used in audience research are focus groups and interviews of your target audience so for example 16-20, to conduct the research fairly you must an equal amount of men and women, along with mix of different religions and different ethnic backgrounds. To find out what the focus group thinks of the screening I will record their responses individually, by asking them what they thought of it and what they liked and didn’t like. For the research I will be conducting I will record their response individually by notes or camera. So by conducting it by this method we can identify the specific reason why people don’t like the product and where it can be improved.


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