Internet censorship result (Here is the pie chart results for should internet be censored)
The result is out of 10 people, half of the people asked thought the internet should be censored. One person wasn’t sure and the rest believed it should be censored. The way I gathered it was by handing out a questionnaire sheet to everyone asking their age, gender and thoughts on internet censorship. I got some inspiration for the questions from Debate org, as I wanted to see their responses and see it is similar to the responses to the online debate. Once I’d collected the questionnaires I went online and used pie chart website to create one, by doing this the chart came back a visual percentage of the questionnaires.
These results are different to the ones I have seen as on other websites like ( where 12% of people agree with censorship and 88% disagree with censorship. The most frequent statement made by people who agree with censorship said they want to protect children from pornography and to tackle online piracy. On the other side of the argument people said that censoring the internet gives world governments control over human rights, however in the U.S they have a written constitutional bill of freedom of speech.
In the UK though there isn’t a written Bill which states that the public have the right for freedom of speech it is implied in the Magna Carta, as in the U.S their is a fanatical Christian cult called The Westbo Baptist Church. This cult protest outside of dead soldiers funerals, due to the first amendment they have to right to express their views no matter how fanatical it may be. However in the UK they would be arrested on the grounds of breaking the public order act under section part 1 4A of Intentional harassment alarm or distress.
The definition of Internet censorship is to restrict the public access to Adult or pirated websites online, internet censorship groups had in the past support from Governments in America and Europe to regulate the internet. What the actual meaning is to stop these pornographic websites and online piracy, however governments and organisations  hijacked the plans when the SOAPA PIPA Bills where introduced in U.S and Europe. The first stage was bringing down pirate bay, in retaliation to internet the hacker group Anonymous hacked into the FBI website and other government websites to cause total anarchy. However that little stunt gave people the excuse to go from censor to ban, first YouTube came under the firing due to the copyrighted material music, films and video games. Other websites like LetMeWatchThis and Watch2k where going to be closed in the bill passed, this got support from musicians as they want people to pay to listen to their music as on YouTube it is free for anyone to watch.

[Pleas make it clear if you want me to insert the image. Add the other results you have seen. Explain how you gathered the information, and define the censorship you are talking about.

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