Media Effect Theories part 1

I found this slide show on the Internet explaining the four basic needs of the media user and good examples of the ‘Uses and Gratification’.

The first one is Diversion. Diversion is the need to escape your daily life and the need to relax, this could be through watching films or playing video games. Video games are more immersive than films, as the user can interact with the game world other characters in the game. As in the episode of South Park Make Love not Warcraft, where Cartman and the other male school characters playing World of Warcraft. However another player turns up who has hacks and can kill everyone instantly, all the players confront him and defeat him with the help of the games admins. The episode makes fun of WOW (World of Warcraft) fans through the characters who take the game way to seriously and  live in the fantasy world, because the real world is boring as a persons daily routine is to go to work or school and then sit at home thinking about the weekend. When playing the game you are with real people playing out how you want your world to look like and giving yourself some meaning.

Personal relationship. Many people who play games like WOW as I explained in the first paragraph like to use that away to socialise with their friends and to meet new people, and really people use it to fulfil their needs of companionship as the map and quests of WOW are vast and extensive. So people use media to socialise and have personal relationships which they view as normal but is seen as unsociable and dangerous as people live their lives in these fantasy worlds and can’t differ from the game to reality.

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