Media Products and their Audiences Part 2

The sounds that is used in the game are a mix of foley and voice overs by people and animals, this is mainly used in the cities streets to immerse the player in a historical open world. In the cities we hear on the street shop owners shouting out to people ‘come buy my wears’ or ‘I have plenty to sell’, this would be done by actors with a arabic accent to make the how world believable to the player. Also when walking past AI (Artificial Intelligence) people you will hear men and women talking to one another about the current event the the war and your assassination targets, this is done to make the world believable to live in and to inform the player with the back story so they have a better understanding. Walking in to markets you will hear and see live stock making noises over the voices of people along, this is done to make the world seem alive and to have time rotate where more people are at church at a certain time and then they go to do shopping at later time as this is a fairly accurate simulation of what it was like 900 years ago.

The only recognisable catch words in the game is ‘Nothing is true, everything is permitted’ which is referenced in every Assassin creed game, the saying is short and very catchy and easy to place on bus top posters and billboards so the audience can remember the saying and then remember the game.

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