Production Research

Production research involves finding information that will be used to explore many aspects of TV show or film, this could be used in set drama where you need research society during that era, also you need research basic things like clothing, transport, architect and political stance. By doing this it will make the TV show or film a believable professional production, you also need to make sure that you don’t make the basic continuity era. One example is in X-Men First Class in the first scene was set in 1944, but there was picture of Albert Einstein that was taken in 1947. Even though it doesn’t completely through the period time into a mess, but it is still important to check if the date of pictures and paintings.

The methods that are used within Production Research is mainly the Internet and through books in libraries, as books and the Internet will tell a lot about social trends throughout history this could be in clothing, artwork and transport. There is even old maps of cities in libraries and on the internet, this would come in use if you make a film in London set 200 years ago. The reason why they would go this far in-depth is because they production wants to appear professional and create a believable atmosphere.

Also when looking setting a location the production team have to consider if the location they want to film at is feasible, so a desert location may cost more than a snowy location so the director may have re think the location of the desert. As in Star Wars New Hope some scenes on Tatooine where filmed in Tunisia, the Yuma desert and Death Valley the scene where the audience  first meet Obi Wan. Yuma desert and Death Valley are both in America and 200 miles from the Star Wars set, by filming the Tatooine scenes there it is cost less with travel accommodation, government permission and Tax. When budgeting with equipment you need to be realistic with the amount of cameras. NOT FINISHED YET

[also look at the research you need when budgeting – sourcing equipment, locations, props etc]

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