Task 4 Critically analyse a film part 1

The film I am going to Critically analyse is Die Hard 3 (Die Hard: with vengeance) were John McClane (Bruce Willis) returns as the unlucky cop who is always in the wrong place at the wrong time. The begins with introduction of the antagonist Simon Gruber (Jeremy Irons) on the phone to New York police department threatening to detonate bombs over the city if he doesn’t get what he wants. This good start as I the view don’t know who the villain is but only his voice, which creates a bit of mystery to the person as the director wants the audience to wonder who he is. Unlike in the previous Die Hard’s McClane has an a supporting actor with him, this is Samuel Jackson who first meets McClane when he sees him walking around in his neighborhood with a racist sign. McClane was doing this because of Simon sick humor, Samuel Jackson character tells him to leave or he would be in serious trouble. McClane them explains why he is doing this but is interrupted by a gang who try to attack him Samuel Jackson save McClane and become s heavily involved in the situation. Simon then makes the pair both go around New York trying to deactivate Bombs by encoding Simon’s riddles. This is a nice touch to the franchise as it leaves the viewer on the edge of their seat as you don’t know when the explosion happens. The viewer finds out by the FBI agents that Simon is Hans Grubers brother who was the villain form Die Hard 1 we then have a flashback of him falling off the building. After this scene we see for the first time Simon played by Jeremy Irons, it turns out that the using the pair to create chaos so he can rob all the banks in Wall Street, which is very similar to Die Hard 1 where the villains try to steal the money from the skyscraper building in LA.

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