Task 4 Critically analyse a film part 2

When McClane and Samuel Jackson character go off to disarm a bomb they run into two kids robbing a store and one says that it is like Christmas here as the police are all looking for a bomb in all the schools in New York, the kid then said you could steal city hall. This then triggers a memory early on in the film when the police chief mentions briefly that 20 coal trucks were stolen, McClane then figures that Simon stole it and is using it to transfer the gold.

The structure of the film begins very basically with Simon making McClane run around New York encoding his riddle to deactivate bombs he has left at different places. It later becomes apparent that Simon like his brother Han is trying to steal all the gold from Wall Street. This changes the plot and almost becomes a completely different story as Samuel Jackson and McClane go after Simon to try and stop him. To me the real beginning of the film starts half way through as the first half is meant to introduce the characters and create suspense of what Simon’s motives are.

The title of the film Die Hard With A Vengeance does appear that someone will be having revenge against someone else, immediately I thought that   someone from the first film or second would appear in this one. When first hearing Simon’s voice is very obvious is that he has a German/Eastern Europe accent, and in the first film the villains were German so I first saw a link thinking that this character would have something to do with the first film. Early on in the film comments are made about trucks that had been stolen, at the time it is briefly said and the audience would remember it later on in the film when McClane realise that Simon Stole it. Unlike previous Die Hard’s this one has an element of riddles were McClane needs to encode, when I watched it for the first time I found myself trying to guess the riddle as well.

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