Task 4 Genre, Characteristics and Representation

Die Hard With A Vengeance is part of feature film franchise stretching from 1988 to 2013 this film was released 1995 and third one of the franchise. The film was first Disturbed onto cinema screens in the U.S and then Europe, the film was late available to buy on video along with Die Hard 1 and 2. As Die Hard is already a well established shoot em up it would be easier marketing the film as they already have a fan base, but at the same time the will need to attract newer people in to watch the films. This would be done by promotion trailers on TV showing the content and the actor, as Samuel Jackson who has appeared in many shooters, comedy’s and dramas will also have a fan base who would then watch Die Hard because he is in it. Tradition Die Hard has been an over the top shooter with comical scenes and cheesy quotes, with the third film I think it more comical and less over the top shooter. I liked this better, but traditional fans who expect the shoot um up style may find it uninteresting that is why they need to balance out the shooter and comedy aspect of it and appease everyone.

In the first Die Hard the story was very linear with the narrative of McClane killing each terrorist one by one until he reaches Hans the ring leader, from the start we know that the terrorist want the contents of the sealed vault in the building and will do anything to get their hands on it even blowing up police car which surround the building. Even though how simple the story maybe compared to other films in the Die Hard franchise, the first one is considered on of the best because of its simplicity and Christmas theme to it. People like it because it is a believable situation to be in as I saw many reference in the film from the Iranian Embassy siege in the UK in 1980 within the film.

In Die Hard 2 and 3 the narrative structure has changed from linear to multi-strand as the audience doesn’t know the try identity of the antagonist and his true intentions until half way through the film. However like all Die Hard films the endings are closed with the McClane killing the villain, what is ironic is that Simon died the same way his brother Hans died by McClane pushing them off a building.

In Die Hard McClane is always a cop who is in the wrong place at the wrong time and is the reluctant hero that always complains to himself of the situation he has gotten himself into, even though he always comes through and rises to the challenge when needed. Samuel Jackson in the film is McClane side kick who is the comical relief  character, who swears every ten seconds and constantly questions McClanes actions. Finally we have Simon played by Jeremy Irons who is the psychopath villain who has an unhealthy obsession to see McClane dead, just like his brother in Die Hard one his main goal is to steal form investment bankers and to kill anyone is his way.

However one big social issue raised in this film is racism, as Samuel Jackson character first scene shows him telling two kids we don’t need help form white people or want it. When him and McClane are thrown into the situation of disarming bombs, McClane confronts Samuel Jackson Character and saying you’re a racist. The film was trying to show that you can’t determine the personality of the individual down to race, this was done saying even if your black, Hispanic or Asian you don’y have any right to be racist.

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