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Producers Reaching Audience

Producers know they are reaching the target audience  in Call of Duty Black Ops because they look at the measured retail sales and the online gaming log in details. If someone is playing a video game online the information would be recorded. For example EA uses an online multi-player code system to count the amount of people who have bought the game brand new and it uses the server to count the amount of people playing online.

Producers know they are reaching the target audience in Facebook because of the number of people that sign, people that create an accounts and they have peoples personal information on the dater base. It targets audiences in way that it a makes it look more visually appealing  and suitable to the appropriate age groups.

Producers know they are reaching the BBC iPlayer target audience because they can track what TV shows are being watched at any time, the types of programs being watched will give the producers a good idea of the demographic of their audience and therefore this will allow them to see if they have reached their target audience

Product analysis of Saints Row 4

The genre of the game is an action adventure, the game is a console and PC game and it is a platform game.

Codes and conventions

  • Saints Row 4 is a follow on from the last game making a series.
  • The style of the graphics slick, adult and realistic .
  • The game is a brand and someone knows what they buying.
  •  The story is told by watching the begging intro,  playing though the game, completing missions and watching cut scenes.

The representation 

The characters culture are gangs at war with other rival gangs, the game is fantasy and real because of the weapons, vehicles,  shop and environment. For example the dubstep gun, the shots sound waves, with the sound of dubstep music and makes people dance in till they die.  The characters well dressed because of robbing other gangs, the gang culture is aspirational  and is existing and represents a enviable life of crime.

Producers and Target Audiences

The producers have taken highlights of the best clips from several episodes and compild them into a trailer. For example, the audience they are targeting are young people of 18+ because it shows drinking, ‘pratting’ about and sexual content.

Another example is from Charlie Brooker’s Screenwipe. He did a focus group with younger generations of people and he showed a clip from a TV show called ‘My Sweet Sixteen’ and the comment back from the focus group was that they watch it because its what they want to do like the people on the screen. Similarly, people that watch the trailer from ‘Sun, Sex and Suspicious Parents’ want similar things.

Sun, Sex and Suspicious Parents trailer

Defining Media Audience – Task 1

These are my chosen questions:

  • What is your age?
  • What is your gender?
  • What do you watch on TV?
  • What video games do you play?
  • What music do you listen to?
  • How long do you listen to Music for?
  • How many devices do you use while doing any of the above opinions? (Phone, Laptop/ computer other)

Because I think those questions would best suited for a made up Facebook profile, if answered by people of the public and are things that people do now a days.