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Audiences for media products – Mulan



Mulan is an action packed Disney reimagining of a historical event, we follow a girl (Mulan) who sets out on an adventure in the name of her father to fight against the Huns.


Mulan is aimed at children this is clearly highlighted by the U for Universal sticker on the front of the DVD. Being a Disney animation film, which is ultimately aimed at children is another sign of the demographic. The actual animations themselves are soft and cartoony which suggests a younger audience.  However being a U the DVD is limited to the amount of violence, if any that can be shown. An example of this is when Mulan and company and orderd to move to the front to help fight the Huns. When they arrive they find the general dead, you do any bodies as to detract from the morbidity of the scene, however one of the soldiers is seen carrying his helmet, suggesting he’s dead.

Mulan when released was at the crux of many debates about how sexism and racism are portrayed in the film. The fact that women are to be seen and not heard, how women cannot live up to the expectations of men. One character in particular is heavily stereotyped (Chi Fu). He is drawn more as a caricature and has a strong Chinese accent.  Disney like to ‘americanise’ their films often giving the lead character an American accent despite any racial ties. This is done so that the film connects with the viewing audience and Disney believes that if you put an American accent over the lead character the American audience will understand the context of the film better.

In terms of evidence IMDB shows the demographics of the people who watch Mulan. Unsurprisingly the graph shows that females rated the film more highly with a 7.9 average out of 10 and men with 7.1. This is because the Disney genre is still applicable to women of any age, where as men over 18 tend not to be as interested. This is shown in the females aged 18-29 and the males aged 18-29 where males of this age voted it as a 7.2 and females a 8.1.


News & Soap Operas: How They Reflect Real life Issues, Patriotism In ‘Transformers’ and ‘Captain America: The First Avenger’ & Good, Bad and Evil In ‘Transformers’

The news and soap operas are both direct reflections of what is happening in reality. The only difference is the news is reporting about real people and events and soaps are showing fictional people and events. Most of the story lines that characters go through in soaps are based on real issues that happen to real people in real life. In ‘EastEnders’ they had an example of homelessness with Ian Beale.

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Audience Profiling

Audience profiling is about researching your audience before hand so that you can put across your message / work / product to the right people. For example if you are developing a game, who are you aiming it at? If children then research what you can and cannot do under the guidelines of the game rating. Are they male or female, this will be vital in deciding which approach to take.


Market Research

Product market – a mechanism that allows People to easily buy or sell products for example eBay or Amazon.

Competition – Contest between individuals or groups.

Competitor analysis – assessment of the weakness and strengths of current competitors.

Advertising placement – where a branded product is placed in a advert or movie etc to gain the attention of an audience in order to try and tempt them to go out and by the product.

Image representing eBay as depicted in CrunchBase

Image via CrunchBase

Advertising effects – advertising is used to sell a product and to do so businesses try to invoke an audience visually and orally  enticing an audience into a situation or creating a narrative for a product to capture an audiences imagination.

What Would You Do?

When watching a film, do you as the audience put yourself in their shoes and think what would I do in that position?

So I went round and asked 16 people and all but one said that they do think about what they would do, but that they also interact with the T.V especially if there are horrors/thriller (tense atmospheric products) on.

Did You Notice It?

Did You Notice It?

Iron Man 3 Trailer – Continuity Mistake

The paparazzi interviewer one minute has a flip phone, the next a touchscreen – something doesn’t quite add up!

If you also look at the background reporters to the right, an extra man appears behind the crouching woman.

Screen shot 2013-05-17 at 11.58.12 Screen shot 2013-05-17 at 11.58.32

Continuity Error

In ‘Star Wars’, Darth Vader is said not to have force lightening because he has had his arms and hands cut off and he now has robotic arms and hands. However, in the ‘Star Wars: Episode 3: Revenge of the Sith: The Video Game’ Vader can use force lightening.


Media Fort Proposal

Media Fort


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Media Theory In Little Snippets


The blog is aimed at media students aged 16 – 19, and explains media practice, theories and debates in easy simple steps.  Little sections outlining topics are easy to digest like a news feed on social networking sites.  We do the research so you don’t have to!

The blog is built up from several authors completing their diploma, sharing their knowledge for others to read.

Understanding the Nature and Purposes of Research in the Creative Media Industries & Techniques

There are many methods and sources of research. Primary research includes interview techniques, observations, questionnaires, surveys, types of questions, focus groups, audience panels and participation in internet forums.

Secondary research includes books, journals, reference-based books and directories, periodicals, newspapers, film archives, photo libraries, worldwide web, searching internet forums, CD Rom databases, audio material, ratings, circulation figures and government statistics.

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Presenting Your Findings

z7gLMg4cni750GmB8VBymlPecmI_Present your findings so they’re easy to understand and stand out

Data has to be simple and easy to understand – when others look through work they want instant answers not to be searching all day