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Market Research

Product market – a mechanism that allows People to easily buy or sell products for example eBay or Amazon.

Competition – Contest between individuals or groups.

Competitor analysis – assessment of the weakness and strengths of current competitors.

Advertising placement – where a branded product is placed in a advert or movie etc to gain the attention of an audience in order to try and tempt them to go out and by the product.

Image representing eBay as depicted in CrunchBase

Image via CrunchBase

Advertising effects – advertising is used to sell a product and to do so businesses try to invoke an audience visually and orally  enticing an audience into a situation or creating a narrative for a product to capture an audiences imagination.

Reviews – Audience Feedback



Nearly any product has a review that can be found online; these can be done by consumers or by interested parties that publish them on websites, magazines or newspapers.  This is qualitative data from someone giving their opinion on the product allowing others to see it, which incidentally will affect people’s decisions on the product.

When choosing what to watch at the cinema you have a choice of films you don’t mind seeing, the way to decide may be to look at the film reviews.  IGN is a multimedia website giving the latest news and reviews on games, films and music.  The site reviews hundreds of films and so have become a reliable place to find out about the latest media products.  The film ‘Oblivion’ was reviewed, it gives a little information on the film and has summed it up with one word “okay” and as with most reviews it has a number rating out of 10 – Oblivion achieving 6.6.  (http://uk.ign.com/movies/oblivion/theater-22926).  This is only an opinion though so some may agree others not, although when many people review the film and all reach a similar conclusion about it then the information can be reviewed and used when making future decisions.

Amazon sells nearly anything and allows buyers to comment on the product they have purchased, to inform potential buyers of what it’s like.  A 5 star rating is used instead of numbers to give an indication of the products overall quality.