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Media Products and their Audiences part 1

The media products I am going to analyse are Video games, I will mainly focus on console games and explain how they address their audience through the typical codes and convention.

The video game franchise that I am going to focus on is Assassins creed, before 2008 the stealth franchise was only made up Splinter Cell and Thief in the late 1990’s. However first person shooters like Call of Duty, Medal of Honour, Black and Battlefield took over in the early 2000 and became the dominant video game genre on the market. The only real competition was Grand Theft Auto San Andreas which was released in 2004 and sold over 27.5 million copies worldwide, this was a big success because it was the only crime genre on the market at that time.

Assassins Creed one colouring system is quiet exotic with mixed middle eastern colours with light orange and dark reds, however both protagonists and antagonists where white robs or black robes with symbols on it. The reason why the Assassins in the game where white is to represent themselves as pure and trust worthy people, who strike quick and fast like the eagle as most of the clothing and powers of the character is based on eagles natural ability. The colours of the cities in the game like Damascus and Jerusalem are a mix out sandy brown and rich primary colours for market stalls, this to make the player feel that they are in the Middle East and give off a sense of believability the storyline.

Assassins Creed font is only shown off at the beginning of the game, when locked capital words pop up in Trajan font saying ‘ASSASSIN’s CREED’ with the Assassin symbol in the background. The ‘ASSASSIN’ part of the text in the title sequence is in bold black and the ‘CREED’ is in light red, this is because the black represents strength and red is the creed the rules, blood, as Assassins must kill to be in the order so red is blood.