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Producers Reaching Audience

Producers know they are reaching the target audience  in Call of Duty Black Ops because they look at the measured retail sales and the online gaming log in details. If someone is playing a video game online the information would be recorded. For example EA uses an online multi-player code system to count the amount of people who have bought the game brand new and it uses the server to count the amount of people playing online.

Producers know they are reaching the target audience in Facebook because of the number of people that sign, people that create an accounts and they have peoples personal information on the dater base. It targets audiences in way that it a makes it look more visually appealing  and suitable to the appropriate age groups.

Producers know they are reaching the BBC iPlayer target audience because they can track what TV shows are being watched at any time, the types of programs being watched will give the producers a good idea of the demographic of their audience and therefore this will allow them to see if they have reached their target audience

1960’s ‘Doctor Who’: ‘The Dalek Invasion of Earth’ Commentary & Narration

This is me explaining some of the key features, elements and references in the 1960’s ‘Doctor Who’ serial ‘The Dalek Invasion of Earth’. This is the second story in which The Daleks appeared on TV screens. I go into how certain aspects of it appeal to a certain audience, how humour is used, and how different characters are represented in different ways amongst other things including how popular culture references certain historical things in real life i.e. The Daleks in ‘Doctor Who’ and the Galactic Empire and the Stormtroopers in ‘Star Wars’ could be compared to Nazism. For Example, the Nazi party’s swastika has similarities to both the Galactic Empire’s logo in the ‘Star Wars’ movies but also the Sith Empire’s logo in ‘The Old Republic’.


To ensure that a product stays with its target audience, products will usually state what can be used for kids, family and adults. some prove this by age ratings, key symbols, warning labels and parental notes.

Some products will have  a label saying parental advisory explicit content on them saying that the content on the media production saying that there are things that young audiences should not see or hear should they learn to pick some things up. There are Age ratings to films and games to show who the recommended people to watch and play those games depending on what the content is in those things whether its from the BBFC or PEGI. With so many electronic based sites and consoles able to get access to just about anything, parental controls are made to limit what children would look at and see depending how high or low the controls are set, this gives the parents to restrict what children go on and what they are allowed to play on allowing parents to ensure that children under certain ages does not play games that are to violent for them to play on like a lot of 18 rated games as they will be most violent.

I will now mention 3 products to explain and discribe what they are and my knowledge about them. The first being on DVD’s where they have logo’s with PG, U, 12, 15 and 18, that is the explination on what the films content will be either appropriate or unapproprite for certain aged people, this would help parents know what their kids would be watching or know the kids would be in good hands if their kids watch the films of those certain age ratings.
The second is on video games where a rating called the PEGI rating tends to be shown which like movies explain what the contents of the games will be appropriate for certain audiences, some games however also have symbols of  the contents in the game like a fist for violence, dice for gambeling, an angry dialouge balloon for bad language and just about many others to show the contents of games and what there would be in them, it should also be noted that game shops would have to ask for photo ID for someone buying an 18 rated game unless with an adult to buy it for you, should you not have ID when buying an 18 game they will refuse to let you have the game, games under 12 you can buy without hassell since those games would be more for younger players though parents should also be aware of the ratings should the content of the games be too violent or the like. the third and final product would be Television during certain time’s like 9:00pm which would be watershed productions, TV on early times like mornings through lunchtime would be for kids since a lot of children’s TV tends to be on at those times however by 5:00pm a lot more dramatic shows with real life events go on which do tend to be more PG/12 based shows through to 8:00pm but by 9:00pm where most kids would already have gone to bed then the watershed based shows would start showing in where they would be very violent and have things like blood, languege, real life events, murder, drugs, nasty moments and things that would make kids upset or scared or make them learn things they shouldn’t.
In the USA there are TV ratings that show logos like TV-PG, TV-14, TV-MA and the like explaining what shows would be for certain people, watershed productions would always show those symbols since a lot of american TV networks know what shows would be shown at late times. some countrys use the same thing with their TV but some may also use diffrent symbols or colours to show the rating, the UK however doesn’t always have a TV ratings system.

Producers will try anything to reach their target audience and will try and do what they can to do what is right for that audience. They would plan what they would do, what content would be in what they have in mind and who would more want to see what they would hope to have. Producers would often do the first hand research since it would be vital to know the market research seeing what audience’s find popular and using ad’s won’t always work unless serous research has been done. They would also have to figure out who in the audience they would sell to, people who aren’t into certain subjects but willing to try new things or people who are already fans of something but want more that what they had before. Producers would have to focus on the primary market and identify the ideal consumer then advertising might be more effective.

Game of Thrones – How the product addresses the audience.

game-of-thrones-posterGame of Thrones is an adult fantasy television show that is adapted from a series of books. The target audience for this show would be males, aged from 18-30. I’ve come to this conclusion because the content is mainly about war and medieval type fantasy. Many elements, such as lighting, colours, editing, acting, music, sound and modes of address all are crafted to appeal to the audience of the show. The modes of address in the show, not only range from informal to formal (slang etc.) but the accents are similar to English ones, with northern English accents for those who live in the north of the country, and southern accents similar to those who live in the south of England. Those who live across the sea from the main country are often heard speaking with a foreign accent.

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Audiences for media products – Twilight



Twilight is a result of romance vs. horror, you get this weird cross over that depicts vampires and werewolves as actually being sex symbols. Lets make no joke this films demographic is purely aimed at women this shows through the IMDB demographics graph.


You can see clearly that the women vote is carrying this films vote median by giving it a 6.1 where as men are voting it low at 4.9. What is even more interesting is that the amount of votes from males totals more than that of women. Meaning that men are logging in and voting just to show their dislike for this film. It is this hatred that’s giving twilight is popularity and even abuse towards the film is free marketing for the producers. Just selecting the male votes to see how they voted, the graph below shows that almost 20% of men rated the film as a 1 showing strong opposition for it.

Why do males not like this film?  Like with most romance films guys just aren’t interested. Looking into a study covering primal reverting feelings as a man it is their job not to look soppy or vulnerable and romantic films tend to touch on this. Its also based on how men want others to see themselves and how self conscious they get if the world sees them as anything other than a manly man.

Twilight hooks its audience by placing in the three-way relationship struggle. Bella loves Edward, Edward loves Bella and then you have Jacob who comes in to create a tension that will last 5 movies. This very much appealed to the audience as they separated themselves into ‘teams’, team Jacob and team Edward.

The film also rides on the success of the book which already hooking the desired audience.

Audiences for media products – Paranormal Activity

Paranormal Activity


Paranormal activity is an ‘Observational’ horror that uses shock tactics to scare its audience.


I use the term observational loosely, what I mean by this is, we have a horror movie where the audience definitely does not feel immersed in the feel because the way it is filmed, using CCTV cameras. However the audience feeds off of this in a different way, because there is less emersion the situation that is occurring feels more hopeless, that the audience cannot do anything to help. It’s the same feeling as watching a CCTV recording of a murder happening, your scared because of the situation, and horrified you can’t do anything. Paranormal activity plays well with the atmosphere of the Cinema as well. To be scared the situation needs to be controlled, and in pitch black, as black as the setting for the scene, which is why a film might feel scarier on the big screen as apposed to watching it at home. The audience for this anyone who likes a scare, specifically males.


At first glance this isn’t apparent on this demographic graph from IMDB because it shows that on average males vote it as highly as women, or around about at 6.4 for males and 6.2 for women. However if you look at the pure numbers of voters, there are 84,476 males who voted and only 17,355 females. This links in with the results researchers have come up with. The research mentions that males of 15-45 tend to be the prime group for these horror films and also tend to see the film in groups rather than individuals. This fulfils the human desire to protect or be protected, and with a scary film going as a group dampens the feeling of shock when a scary ghost pops up. These males are “sensation – seeking” and go to prove that they are men, they aren’t scared. Interestingly when watching the horror film, to avoid being seen as scared they resort to; Looking away from the screen to detach themselves from what’s going on. Treating the situation as a critic would, hiding behind something to give a sense of protection or just thinking about something else.

Paranormal activity uses a queue which signals when the audience is going to be scared and where the ghost is present by using a deep bassy noise. 


Audiences for media products – Mulan



Mulan is an action packed Disney reimagining of a historical event, we follow a girl (Mulan) who sets out on an adventure in the name of her father to fight against the Huns.


Mulan is aimed at children this is clearly highlighted by the U for Universal sticker on the front of the DVD. Being a Disney animation film, which is ultimately aimed at children is another sign of the demographic. The actual animations themselves are soft and cartoony which suggests a younger audience.  However being a U the DVD is limited to the amount of violence, if any that can be shown. An example of this is when Mulan and company and orderd to move to the front to help fight the Huns. When they arrive they find the general dead, you do any bodies as to detract from the morbidity of the scene, however one of the soldiers is seen carrying his helmet, suggesting he’s dead.

Mulan when released was at the crux of many debates about how sexism and racism are portrayed in the film. The fact that women are to be seen and not heard, how women cannot live up to the expectations of men. One character in particular is heavily stereotyped (Chi Fu). He is drawn more as a caricature and has a strong Chinese accent.  Disney like to ‘americanise’ their films often giving the lead character an American accent despite any racial ties. This is done so that the film connects with the viewing audience and Disney believes that if you put an American accent over the lead character the American audience will understand the context of the film better.

In terms of evidence IMDB shows the demographics of the people who watch Mulan. Unsurprisingly the graph shows that females rated the film more highly with a 7.9 average out of 10 and men with 7.1. This is because the Disney genre is still applicable to women of any age, where as men over 18 tend not to be as interested. This is shown in the females aged 18-29 and the males aged 18-29 where males of this age voted it as a 7.2 and females a 8.1.


Audience Profiling

Audience profiling is about researching your audience before hand so that you can put across your message / work / product to the right people. For example if you are developing a game, who are you aiming it at? If children then research what you can and cannot do under the guidelines of the game rating. Are they male or female, this will be vital in deciding which approach to take.


Audience research

Audience data – quantitative data such as age, gender, height etc.

Audience profiling – understanding an audience before hand so that, for example a product is aimed at the right type of people this can be done via questionnaires.

Demographics – is the most recent Statistical compilation of a populations attributes including gender, race, age.

Geo-demographics – is a combination of demography and geography for the application of business.

Consumer behavior and attitudes – are what sorts of things do people by and why do they buy them, is there a reason? This can be researched through these of questionnaires to gain qualitative data.

Audience awareness – is recognising before you create a product, what sort of audience are you aiming for, you would then, after selecting your audience go into doing background information on them.


Kick-Ass 2 trailer questionnaire

I created this questionnaire so that I could get an idea of what 16-19 year olds (the focus group) thought about trailers, and how they react to them. The questions that I included were about how they access film trailers, what genres they prefer etc. I started out with general questions to get an idea of how the focus group uses technology and how they react to film trailers in general. I then included questions about my chosen trailer so I can see how certain aspects of trailers and films can affect the way that people think of them, e.g music, editing, actors.

Kick-Ass 2 Trailer

Age…….…….     Gender………….….….     Ethnicity………………………..…….

Q.1 How often do you watch film trailers?

All the time  Occasionally  Never

Q.2 What genre of film do you prefer?


Action  Romance  Comedy  Sci-Fi  Horror  Thriller  Drama  Animation  Other (Please specify) 

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