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Product analysis of Saints Row 4

The genre of the game is an action adventure, the game is a console and PC game and it is a platform game.

Codes and conventions

  • Saints Row 4 is a follow on from the last game making a series.
  • The style of the graphics slick, adult and realistic .
  • The game is a brand and someone knows what they buying.
  •  The story is told by watching the begging intro,  playing though the game, completing missions and watching cut scenes.

The representation 

The characters culture are gangs at war with other rival gangs, the game is fantasy and real because of the weapons, vehicles,  shop and environment. For example the dubstep gun, the shots sound waves, with the sound of dubstep music and makes people dance in till they die.  The characters well dressed because of robbing other gangs, the gang culture is aspirational  and is existing and represents a enviable life of crime.