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To ensure that a product stays with its target audience, products will usually state what can be used for kids, family and adults. some prove this by age ratings, key symbols, warning labels and parental notes.

Some products will have  a label saying parental advisory explicit content on them saying that the content on the media production saying that there are things that young audiences should not see or hear should they learn to pick some things up. There are Age ratings to films and games to show who the recommended people to watch and play those games depending on what the content is in those things whether its from the BBFC or PEGI. With so many electronic based sites and consoles able to get access to just about anything, parental controls are made to limit what children would look at and see depending how high or low the controls are set, this gives the parents to restrict what children go on and what they are allowed to play on allowing parents to ensure that children under certain ages does not play games that are to violent for them to play on like a lot of 18 rated games as they will be most violent.

I will now mention 3 products to explain and discribe what they are and my knowledge about them. The first being on DVD’s where they have logo’s with PG, U, 12, 15 and 18, that is the explination on what the films content will be either appropriate or unapproprite for certain aged people, this would help parents know what their kids would be watching or know the kids would be in good hands if their kids watch the films of those certain age ratings.
The second is on video games where a rating called the PEGI rating tends to be shown which like movies explain what the contents of the games will be appropriate for certain audiences, some games however also have symbols of  the contents in the game like a fist for violence, dice for gambeling, an angry dialouge balloon for bad language and just about many others to show the contents of games and what there would be in them, it should also be noted that game shops would have to ask for photo ID for someone buying an 18 rated game unless with an adult to buy it for you, should you not have ID when buying an 18 game they will refuse to let you have the game, games under 12 you can buy without hassell since those games would be more for younger players though parents should also be aware of the ratings should the content of the games be too violent or the like. the third and final product would be Television during certain time’s like 9:00pm which would be watershed productions, TV on early times like mornings through lunchtime would be for kids since a lot of children’s TV tends to be on at those times however by 5:00pm a lot more dramatic shows with real life events go on which do tend to be more PG/12 based shows through to 8:00pm but by 9:00pm where most kids would already have gone to bed then the watershed based shows would start showing in where they would be very violent and have things like blood, languege, real life events, murder, drugs, nasty moments and things that would make kids upset or scared or make them learn things they shouldn’t.
In the USA there are TV ratings that show logos like TV-PG, TV-14, TV-MA and the like explaining what shows would be for certain people, watershed productions would always show those symbols since a lot of american TV networks know what shows would be shown at late times. some countrys use the same thing with their TV but some may also use diffrent symbols or colours to show the rating, the UK however doesn’t always have a TV ratings system.

Producers will try anything to reach their target audience and will try and do what they can to do what is right for that audience. They would plan what they would do, what content would be in what they have in mind and who would more want to see what they would hope to have. Producers would often do the first hand research since it would be vital to know the market research seeing what audience’s find popular and using ad’s won’t always work unless serous research has been done. They would also have to figure out who in the audience they would sell to, people who aren’t into certain subjects but willing to try new things or people who are already fans of something but want more that what they had before. Producers would have to focus on the primary market and identify the ideal consumer then advertising might be more effective.