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Media effects theories

It’s thought that Media can effect certain people of certain ages in ways that are never fully figured out, teenagers can be middle of the road since they get influenced by certain media but during the first 8 years of their lives, children develop certain skills in their way of growing up  since they will be learning certain things.

It’s easy to say that video games can be a way of children learning to be violent though games have rating on them showing what the right age for them to play the game is, if children are playing a game they shouldn’t then that could be the parents problem since they got them the game and they let them play it in the first place since some games such as Yakuza and Grand Theft Auto (GTA) tend to be too realistic for younger audience’s that they will either develop those skills or be scared from those actions but at the same time their are games intended to younger players for kids as young as 3 to 12 which limits the violence, bad moments and nasty habits on what happens. However that can also be the opposite since the Norway shooter admitted that he played Modern Warfare 2 just to get the ideas of going on his shooting spree, because of that Norway has banned most first person shooter games. This tends to be a trend with certain countries banning certain games for what there is in violence and content, many counties banning GTA, Call of Duty and other games in those lines for violence, things that might offend cultures, moments that happen and   people won’t like and others like, nudity, gambling, sex or racism.

However a lot of TV and Music video’s can come into play since shows like Power Rangers and Teenage mutant ninja turtles while being kids shows tend to have a lot of violence to them dispite those shows being good vs evil however shows like World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) which used to be extremely violent for older viewers turned into a Parental guidance (PG) based show which would mean family based yet the violence can be over the top at times dispite those shows telling them to never try what they see at home for their safety, yet there can still be complaints about those shows for the violence, nasty bits of the shows or certain characters being too scary like Lord Zedd, Krang and Mark Henry. TV shows do try and make good with their target audience doing the right things but still get hammered in complaints. one example would be Tom and Jerry since while it’s more slapstick there tends to be more violence than any other show dispite being marketed for kids. As far as music video’s there can be moments that can be over the top moments such as characters doing nasty acts like fingering someone, alcohol drinking, women not wearing not much clothing and lip synching words that were censored in the song. swearing in music can be an issue at times since CD and download’s of the songs will go uncensored meaning if younger people are listening then a child just heard a nasty word though most CD’s do have a label saying what nasty’s there would be in the songs.

Film however also gets a lot of the issues, It was said that the 2 child murders of 1993 were influenced to kill just by watching child’s play 3 and a lot of backlash came to the developers who said that the kids must of been unstable to begin with. A lot of movies get the same treatment, some being banned in certain countries for portrayal of certain races, a lot of violence that can be brutal and at times unwatchable, fear of imitation of certain actions, scenes of rape and sexual abuse, heavy uses of blood and unwanted imagery. A good example is a film from Serbia called a Serbian film or as its called there Srpski Film in which has a heavy pornography based story which leads to a lot of violence, rape, murder and unknown amount of blood and Serbian swearing. At least 6 countries banned the movie with some versions being edited in others dispite the negative reception. Another example was a Clockwork Orange where director Stanley Kubrick who was British had a lot of angry fans on him saying his movie was too violent and gory and the film became banned in the UK until his death, the USA showed the movie but rated X and having to cut certain scenes and censor some moments for the films gory nature. Many people would assume this would be a copycat effect in that someone of a certain ages watches something and because of what goes on in the film their would be a slight chance that she or He’d go and start acting the way a character would and start doing the actions. In reality parents should limit what a child should watch or play and ensure that the child does the right things, learn what they would need to learn and don’t do the bad thing which could make them become a nasty child if not careful.

To say that video games and Movies are the truth to all violence in society is saying that God is the police, Parents should do the right things and teach their kids not to do certain acts, schools should teach them what’s right and wrong with the media and kids should be aware of what the right way in life is. copying something because they saw it on TV should not be a factor in their behaviour and they should be fully controlable for their actions.

Is T.V Bad for Children Questionnaire and Feedback!

Age: 16-20 = 10       21-30 = 3       30+ = 1

Gender: Male = 10   Female = 10

Ethnic Origin: White British = 14

Q1. Do you think that children at an early stage should be watching T.V?

Yes = 9          No = 2

Three people had answered both answers (debating whether it’s good or not)

Q2. From what age do you think children should be allowed to watch T.V?

1-3 = 6           4-6 = 8           6-9 = 0           10+ = 0

Q3. Do you think children can learn from watching T.V?

Yes = 13        No = 1

Why Yes:

  • They can learn life skills
  • Colours and actions influence development
  • Educational programmes can help develop children x2
  • There are specific channels that involve learning
  • Educational x2
  • Cbeebies have new shows x2
  • Enhance their learning

Why No:

  • There are few educational shows

Also some people did not answer these questions, to which is why the results are varied.

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Is T.V Bad for Children?

Some people believe that sticking their child in front of the T.V is dangerous, that it could affect their stimulation with maturity and knowledge that it could lead to obesity? Yes, there are a lot of children who do find comfort by watching T.V, but why, outside is perceived to becoming more dangerous for young children to be going out and about. If you were to be living in a rough estate would you prefer your child to go outside with possible dangers or to watch T.V in the comfort of their own home, or is T.V more dangerous. Will children like it that much that they would continue to sit and watch T.V all day – later making them obese.

Active consumptions is based on knowing what the audience is thinking for example if there is a mystery detective show on T.V then, is the audience just watching or are their minds actively trying to dig out the suspects to find out who the killer is, before the plot is revealed. So when children are watching T.V their minds will be active, this can be debatable whether it’s good or bad:


  • Children would be able to interact with the shows being displayed to them, as most of the shows now created for children all base on teaching them the basics, maths, reading, sign language etc.
  • Children’s T.V shows use bright stimulating colours to grasp the children’s attention.
  • Children mirror actions, so if they were watching polite aspects T.V would be one of the ways they would be picking up good manners.
  • There are plenty learning sources for children that are seen through T.V’s such as DVD’s.


An example is with the James Bulger’s case, with the children who caused the offence the jury and members of public were debating whether the children may have watched too many films and mimicked the actions, they were known to have possibly watched the film ‘Child’s Play’. This is an extreme occurrence from the supposed influenced of T.V, but there are small incidents with children mirroring actions from T.V for example WWE, there are a lot of children who would try the stunts during school, on other pupils or at home with there siblings.

Can the access of the amount of T.V watched be monitored, whether it’s during school, home or at their friends, children are frequently exposed to the developing world of electronics. Technology is increasing with the amount of devices that are being created and the younger generations are brought up with craving for the new latest gadget, as their world will be based on technology. So if parents may limit T.V access the children may be able to have access to screened devices such as laptop, tablets etc and to then they can watch all that they desire.

Debating about the influences of T.V for children:

“Children who frequently watch violent TV programs or play violent video games are 11 times more likely to engage in aggressive and antisocial behavior than children not frequently exposed” (http://www.webmd.com/parenting/features/tv-violence-and-impact-on-children).


“The Medical Research Council (MRC) team who studied more than 11,000 primary school pupils says it is wrong to link bad behaviour to TV viewing” (http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/health-21923930)

This is showing that there is no political evidence that children do or do not become violent through watching T.V, and that all the feedback is all just debates ranging through all the research they have conducted but there is no positive evidence that suggests that children watching violent T.V will make them violent.