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Complaints – Audience Feedback



An audience complaining about media content is never a good day for the producers as it usually means they have offended in some way.

The One Show featured Jeremy Clarkson as their guest on the show during the period when public sector employees planned to go on strike.  Clarkson then made a joke about shooting those involved in the strike, which caused major upset amongst the viewers.  The BBC received over 2000 complaints within 24 hours of the broadcast about the comments.  The BBC has a section of their site allocated to complaints and dealing with them as quickly as possible, following the link you can also see any apologies made about topics raised: (http://www.bbc.co.uk/complaints/complain-online/).  Producers can apologise for the incident and avoid having that type of content in future shows.

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‘Doctor Who’: Tom Baker: 1970’s: ‘The Robots of Death’: Stranglation Clip 1

This is the first stranglation clip from ‘Doctor Who’ in the 1970’s in the Tom Baker era from a story called ‘The Robots of Death’. It’s an example of the kind of violent content that Mary Whitehouse and the National Viewers and Listeners Association were complaining about.