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Die Hard With A Vengeance review

This time John McClane returns as the cop who is always in the wrong place at the wrong time, this time the setting of time and location are completely different from the previous two. This time McClane is teamed up with Samuel Jackson trying to find and stop bombs place around New York by a mysterious person known as Simon, the film will leave the viewer on the each of their seats when for most scenes. The genre of the film is still a shoot um up comedy, however this one is more comical due to the fact of McClanes side kick Samuel Jackson. Unlike the last one the story is stronger with a better villain and plot leaving the viewer emerged within the film, it is also more cleverly constructed with the use of riddles in some scenes where McClane needs to figure out the answer before  a bomb goes off.

I find it refreshing that the director has put some thought into the film as I had my concerns about it, but I was pleasantly surprised  with the change of style. However I personally thought that they should have kept the Christmas theme in Die Hard because of how iconic it is to the franchise. I liked the idea of keeping the identity of the villain secret, as he becomes even more mysterious unpredictable to the viewer. However in some parts they did copy many features form Die Hard one like the terrorists motives of trying to steal a large amount of money, also the villains gang where they look, sound and act like the gang from the first film.

Unlike the previous Die Hard where didn’t know who was the main antagonist was or what the point of the film was, I think they redeemed themselves by creating a psychotic villain who is arguable the best villain in the Die Hard franchise. In the previous film the director took a different approach by doing Die Hard as a multi-strand, however the plot wasn’t consistent  as the character weren’t explained that well and I was lost towards the end. With the third one they learned their lesson and have gone back to basics, but by still using the multi-strand method which works perfectly well especially when you find out what the true motivations of the terrorists.

Like in the previous films McClane is always the lane reluctant hero who always finds himself in awkward situations, however this time he has a comical side kick Samuel Jackson who really brings comedy to this shoot um up. However Samuel Jackson character also brings up a social issue of racism, but this time Samuel Jackson is racist. This shows awareness to the public saying racism comes in many shapes and sizes and just because your black, Hispanic or Asian that doesn’t give you the right to be racist.

To sum up the film I would say a brilliant re imagining of a well established franchise to suite a different audience, definitely a big improvement from the second one. I would rate it 8/10 for the effort the production team has done and improving on the last one, one the best in my opinion.