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Focus Group – Iron Man 3

Focus Group – Iron Man 3

Focus groups are a good way to gather information about a product quickly with group diversity.  To understand more about why the Iron Man trailer appeals to certain audiences I will gather a group of people, different ages, gender and likes at observe them watching the trailer.  The more diverse and larger the audience is the better to determine the audience’s likes and associating it with that type of person – creating an audience profile.  Their reactions to the trailer as it’s playing may determine the elements that worked well amongst the group.  A quick survey at the end to find out what people thought of it, the elements they liked and those they didn’t and ultimately if it will affect their decision to see the film.

A private survey at the end will avoid group bias, in a group a few members will the authority role, which other will tend to agree with despite their true opinions.

Comparing the observations made with the group along with the survey should aid my deduction of the target audience and how producers target the content specifically towards them.  Combining this with the secondary data collected from online sites, a clear format should present itself.