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Evil Dead Questionnaire and . . . The Feedback!

Age: 16-20 = 11       20-30 = 2       30+ = 3

Gender: Male = 9     Female = 7

Ethnic Origin: White British = 14   Chinese = 1 Other  =1

Q1. Do you watch trailers before you watch a film?

Yes =16                     No

Q2. What was the last trailer you watched?

  • Anchorman 2 – x3
  • The Hangover Part 3
  • Man of Steel – x3
  • Agents of Shield
  • Kick Ass 2
  • Pacific Rim
  • Evil Dead – x2
  • Fast and furious 6
  • Mama
  • The Purge
  • Gravity

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Evil Dead 1981 VS Evil Dead 2013 (Trailers)

As this film is created as a remake from the original Evil Dead that was created in 1981, the producer can then look for all the research based on that film as well, i.e. within questionnaires they could ask what worked well or didn’t, in the old film, to help improve theirs (unless they have to stick to the original story).

They can do this by looking on sites such as IMDB and YouTube where they can see rates/votes but also comments how many people liked it and others who did not approve of it.

Evil Dead 1981

IMDB: Overall rating of 7.6/10. More males had rated the film with ratings of – 59,440, this film back then would have been more suitable for men as this film would have been created with the thought that men would want to watch it with the slight action and the gore, but women have also rated showing they have a keen interest as well with a rating of – 6,660 rates. The only problem with this is that when the film was created IMDB did not exist so viewers couldn’t rate, back then, which means that there is a big time gap where more people who may have watched the film and wanted to rate couldn’t. The film appealed more to the younger generation as more 18-19 year olds rated/watched it.

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