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Comparing My Primary Research to What I Have Found . . .

Comparing both my primary research I had conducted and the secondary research I had searched out, I have noticed that the new Evil Dead trailer is responding well to their audience, as there are a few people who have liked and preferred the remake trailer, as overall 10 people (included the person who liked both), liked the remake trailer, to which looking at the statistics on YouTube there are 2,749 likes showing that people like the trailer.

I also checked on Facebook to see what other responses are, for students that study at Bridgwater College there are less then 20 who like the trailer/film, this can be due to the amount of people actually going around and liking products, and or there are not a lot of people signed up to Facebook, which then those people have a disadvantage as they are not able to like certain things basing on Facebook to share socially. However I also checked to see the amount of likes that are just based in the UK and I have found out that 56,800 people have liked Evil Dead. Even though this is a big gap difference between my amount of research and the secondary research I am finding, I can say that from both I can see that the trailer is reaching to their audience. I can see this as when I was researching the trailer on YouTube and the amount of likes on Facebook, it also showed me what other people had liked or similar features for what I am looking for, showing that the trailer is appealing to horror seekers as they watch or like other gory films.

Questionnaire Feedback Evil Dead Continued . . .

All of the feedback from the people answering my questionnaire is very important as they show opinions about specific trailers and the general horrors. I ended up only asked around 16 people which I felt will give me a good enough input for all the information I am looking for. I created the questionnaire to determine who and why people watch trailers, but also if they like horror films, which then linked in with the difference between the generations, i.e. when Evil Dead came about in 1981, audience back then would have thought it was something different and new, but people now especially younger audiences would think that it’s bad regarding the story the shots and quality, which is why a lot of people stated they preferred the look of the remake trailer. That is why I wanted, and got older people to answer the questionnaire to see if they would be able to link it to when they may have watched it when in the previous years, or when it came out. But only 3 out of 16 people liked the original trailer, which did not give me the feedback I hoped as the ages for this feedback there were varied ages ranging from teenage, young adult and older adult.

If I was to conduct this type of questionnaire again I would think more about who I want to target and get feedback from basing around ages, locations, backgrounds etc. To do this I would need to either create an online survey to which more people can then fill out, depending on where I would distribute the survey (Facebook), or go round more places and ask people personally to fill out the questionnaire, to which I can almost have a discussion with the person, but also watch their responses, (if they do end up watching the trailer in front of me).

As I only managed to get the questionnaire out to a small group of people, so I only have a small amount of feedback, but it still gives me a slight estimate on all the feedback I am looking for. My results are both quantitative and qualitative, as the feedback is both statistical and opinionated i.e. for the questions that are answered with a Yes or No will be quantitative as I can then turn the answers into a physical statistic piece of evidence, then with the questions that are answered with a follow up from a Why, will give me multiple opinions and would be qualitative.

By doing this questionnaire I have found out even though there was 16 responses for my questionnaire, a lot of people like to watch Horrors as most of the responses agreed with the question, “Do you like to watch Horror featured films? Yes = 13/No = 3”. So as from a small percentage of people answering now, this can be representing the amount of people linked around the United Kingdom. But then as I got into more depth about horrors i.e. asking, “do you think horrors today have changed from the way they used to be” and “do you think that the horror genre is quite repetitive”, I got more opinionated responses, to which if there a productions at the post production stage they could then think about creating questionnaires for their target audience, as they can get feedback to see what may or may not work for their film.

Evil Dead Questionnaire and . . . The Feedback!

Age: 16-20 = 11       20-30 = 2       30+ = 3

Gender: Male = 9     Female = 7

Ethnic Origin: White British = 14   Chinese = 1 Other  =1

Q1. Do you watch trailers before you watch a film?

Yes =16                     No

Q2. What was the last trailer you watched?

  • Anchorman 2 – x3
  • The Hangover Part 3
  • Man of Steel – x3
  • Agents of Shield
  • Kick Ass 2
  • Pacific Rim
  • Evil Dead – x2
  • Fast and furious 6
  • Mama
  • The Purge
  • Gravity

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Trailers – Evil Dead!

Trailers are created to promote the films to give their target audience a taster on what’s to come. Within trailers the producer can choose to add as much or as little as they like, some trailers are created to throw the audience, i.e. in ‘The Perfect Getaway”, this trailer is created to throw the audience into thinking that it’s a different couple that kills people so when they watch the film they will then realise it was the other couple, (shock factor). Trailers overall are created to grasp the audiences attention to make them want to go and watch the film, then leading to the film making profits with all the cinema, DVD/Blu-Rays and download sales.

Evil Dead:

This trailer is created to promote the film, but as this is a remake the target for the audience would be wider as people who may have seen the older version may become intrigued and want to see how this one turns out. The trailer would be used to give the audience a sneak preview of what’s to come, so if the audience likes to see gory, freaky looking people then this is one trailer to see!

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