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From Dusk Till Dawn Continued . . .


When the film came to being released it was first released on VHS then when DVD’s came about it was released on there, so back then the only ways to watch the film would be to purchase a copy, or to go to the cinema, or to wait for many years until it became suitable enough to be shown on T.V. But now with all the latest technology audiences can watch it through DVD/Blu-Rays and on their personal devices (phones, laptops, tablets, IPods etc) that links to the Internet, i.e. with sites such as Netflix and Love Film. Sites likes these allows the audience to pay a monthly charge so they can watch as many films they like that range within that package deal, but just for a tester they also allow the audience to have one month free.

This film is based on a multi strand narrative, this is when the film is focusing on more than one character opposed to a single strand narrative where this only focuses on one character i.e. Spiderman. This film focuses on both the brothers and how they get to Mexico, so even though they take a family hostage they are still the main characters as it’s based on them, (getting to Mexico and surviving).

A stranger comes to town’ this is used a lot within films/shows (equilibrium) for example in ‘The Strangers’, ‘Chocolat’ etc. This is when people would come into the certain location i.e. in ‘Chocolat’ Johnny Depp comes into the town where people are not happy about the occurrence.

Uncanny Valley is when the content i.e. people closely look like humans but are not they are created through animation i.e. with ‘The Polar Express’ the contents are closely animated so they look close to real.

Stereotyping: This happens a lot within films and shows and life in general, i.e. for films like Adulthood they are stereotypical about the youth of London, showing them as gangsters, wearing baggy clothes, carrying weapons etc. But for this film the two main characters are shown to be the typical small time gangster on the run, who needs a hostage in order to get away from the law, with possession of a gun.

From Dusk Till Dawn, Genre


This film was created for thrill seekers who like varied genres, basing around horror (with the vampires and the gore), the crime, (the men are bad men) and the action (the family and the men fight to try to stay alive, with all the shooting and stunts). In a lot of horror based films women within the story are always made to be weak and unable to fight but in this one, the female is taking the lead and defending herself and her family from the dangers, if she fell down she wouldn’t cry and moan and struggle to get up, she got back up and fought. The film had the typical action package, with the amount of fire then the petrol station blowing up as they walk away towards the camera. With the crime they use the typical hostage situation, but turns it around so instead of the bad guys just needed them to smuggle them out, the family needs them just as much when they are facing death.


Within this film there are many camera angles used that influence the shots for instance in the store when George is talking to the clerk the shots get closer as his voice gets more deeper, but smoother “you be cool”, then again as the camera pans with the officer going into the toilet it still keeps panning which then reveals George is in the same location. When they are in the bar the colour of the theme suits really well, as bars tend to be dark and musky, and it’s the same with this one, however this one was dark for a reason.


This is based on the shots used, and angles and the ways it’s edited, for example when the trailer was created it used fast paced cuts to match with the music, same with a lot of horror type films. The shots and angles all match the theme, so if there was something happening, i.e. when the son threw the water bottle at his father you see his reaction before you saw the fathers face, showing the audience that his father may look distraught or scary.


This is when there would be meaning within the shot, so when all the action was brought in within the bar fights; there was blood all over the place (red meaning danger). Also with the character and their expressions, which then determines whether the audience likes that person or not, i.e. with Quentin’s character he’s seems quite shy and very quiet (lost), so this could make the audience want to believe his character is not all bad.


This is based on what should and shouldn’t be included i.e. with the horror genre, there’s an increases with all the gore and blood that added to films, for example the Evil Dead remake, as there are a lot of gory bloody aspects. Again with women in horror, crime or action films they used be known for being weak and easy targets, to not fight back, but there are more female strong characters who are easily defendable and can do as much damage as men, i.e. Buffy: she is a strong character who defends the world of vampires, Planet Terror: when the women loses her leg she fights back and in From Dusk Till Dawn the daughter is defending herself and her family.

From Dusk Till Dawn

This film was created in 1996, by Robert Rodriguez with screenplay by Quentin Tarantino (who also stared in the film). This film was created for crime, horror and action seekers, with all the action packed crime, with the two brothers seeking a way out, whilst robbing banks, using hostages, then gore with the overpowering load of vampires taking over the a bar. This film has a rating of 7.2 (according to IMDB) where viewers who have watched the film placed their opinion in a statistical manner (Quantitative). Also looking at the stats, more men were appealed to this film, as the votes for males reached 93,182 views mostly ranging from the ages of 18-44 but only 12,300 women voted from the same age group. This is then proving that the film is more aimed at men from a wide age group. Again looking through Facebook statistics I have found that more men from the same age group liked the film more than women with 30,200 likes from men and only 19,980 likes from women.

The actors and characters used can appeal to different audiences, i.e. some women could be watching so they can see George Clooney and Quentin Tarantino and again men could be watching to see Juliette Lewis or Salma Hayek. Or the audience could be watching to see their idols, which can be a number of people as there is a fair few actors in this film.

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