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The Hangover Analysis

On a bachelor party in Las Vegas, four friends are drugged, and wake up the next morning with no memory of the night before. Realising that the groom is missing, they retrace their steps to find him, slowly revealing what had happened.

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Film review article of Django unchained

In Django Unchained there are different genre characteristics that make it the adventure western that it is and the year of when it is set.

The elements of adventure and western are shown throughout the movie and is shown from the very beginning by showing shots of desert landscapes and open landscapes that haven’t been touched or disturbed by civilization while the main theme song ‘Django’ is played over the top as well as bright red bold credits are being shown other the top of the footage. The main element of the movie is taking the audience back to the 1800’s when slavery was popular in America and when white people used horses as transportation, were incredibly rich and owned large pieces of land and mansions, when they also owned black slaves and used them for their own personal benefit or enjoyment.

The narrative structure of the film is set into three parts, the beginning, middle and end. The beginning of the film is the introduction of the two main characters of the film, their specific roles in the film and why they need to partner up throughout the film. The middle is when Django learns how to use a weapon, they both perform bounties to earn money and learn the whereabouts of Django’s wife from other wealthy characters so he can go rescue her. They also come across some of the gang members that tortured and sold Django and his wife separately from each other and end up killing them for revenge. When they locate Django’s wife, Django and his partner try to trick her owner (Candy) into selling her by becoming friends with the owner, Candy’s right hand man Stephen finds out why Django and his partner are really visiting him. Django, his partner and Candy both come to an agreement to pay for Django’s wife’s freedom. Djangos partner then kills Candy mainly because he was such an evil man and did not care for any of the black slaves that he kept as servants. At the end of the film Django’s wife then becomes a hostage of Stephen, Django is being sent to a mine to work, he then escapes from the three cowboys taking him to the mine, race’s back to where his wife is being held. There he kills Stephen and the rest of Candy’s bodyguards and family, he injures Stephen leaving him to suffer from his wounds inside the mansion, the mansion has been rigged with dynamite the mansion then blows up. Django then leaves with his wife into the distance the credits then show over the top of the footage of the burning house.

The representation of the characters in the film are as follows: Django who is clearly the hero of the picture, Django has a lust for revenge on the gang who tortured him and his wife but is also a novice when it comes to weapons, horse riding and even reading. Doctor Schultz who is an undercover bounty hunter and disguises himself as a dentist, he trains Django into becoming a trained gunslinger and bounty hunter like himself and whose purpose is to find and kill the same gang who tortured Django and his wife. The two main social groups of the film are the black slaves who have the one main purpose of being a slave and nothing else, but are split into lots of different groups which perform different tasks, such as working in the kitchen, working in the fields, taking part in forced fights as the rich people use this for sheer sport that they find amusing and fun. The other big social group is the rich white people who own lots of black slaves and consider black people to be poor, dumb and the lowest racial group of the west making the white people the biggest stereotypes of the film.

Analysis and Response

There are many genre characteristics in the ‘Doctor Who’ episode ‘World’s End’ that make it a Science-Fiction Fantasy Drama. It is a drama because it is pretty much dramatic throughout most of the episode.

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Kick-Ass 2 trailer questionnaire results

Kick-Ass 2 Trailer


17 – 2

18 – 3

19 – 5

20 – 1

21 – 1


Male – 8

Female – 4


All British

Q.1 How often do you watch film trailers?

All the time Occasionally Never
 5 7 0

Q.2 What genre of film do you prefer?

Action Romance Comedy Sci-Fi Horror Thriller Drama Animation Other (Please specify)
2 1 3 1 1 1 1 2 0

Q.3 How do you watch film trailers?

Computer Phone Cinema Tablet Other (Please specify)
6 2 3 1 0

Q.4 Does watching trailers affect your viewpoint on the film?

Yes No
11 1


For this question, the main response was that they felt that if the trailer appealed to them and interested them, then it would affect their decision to go and watch the whole film, whether it have a positive or negative reaction. There was one response that disagreed with the question, and they felt that trailers mis-represents the full films, and prefers to make their own mind up about it.

Q.5 Did you like the Kick-Ass 2 trailer?

Yes No
10 2


The popular response for this question was about the action, humour and the fact that Jim Carrey stars in the film. All of these elements are included in the trailer not only to give a taste of the film, but to draw in the viewer and encourage them to watch the film. Jim Carrey in particular is a big name in films, and has stood out to a lot of people as a talented actor, and therefor people who would not usually watch this genre of film would be interested in it.

Q.6 What elements of the trailer stood out for you?

Music Action Humour Story Characters Actors Editing Other (Please specify)
1 1 3 2 2 1 2 0

Kick-Ass 2 trailer questionnaire

I created this questionnaire so that I could get an idea of what 16-19 year olds (the focus group) thought about trailers, and how they react to them. The questions that I included were about how they access film trailers, what genres they prefer etc. I started out with general questions to get an idea of how the focus group uses technology and how they react to film trailers in general. I then included questions about my chosen trailer so I can see how certain aspects of trailers and films can affect the way that people think of them, e.g music, editing, actors.

Kick-Ass 2 Trailer

Age…….…….     Gender………….….….     Ethnicity………………………..…….

Q.1 How often do you watch film trailers?

All the time  Occasionally  Never

Q.2 What genre of film do you prefer?


Action  Romance  Comedy  Sci-Fi  Horror  Thriller  Drama  Animation  Other (Please specify) 

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