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Iron Man 3 Trailer – Focus Group Screening

This is the video of the focus group viewing the trailer.  This is done to see how the audience reacts to footage as it’s being played.

Noticeable qualities:

–       0:26 – yawn

–       0:50 – all eyes focused

–       1:38 – audience members being distracted easily

–       1:46 – all eyes focused again as music speed increases

Audience Profile – Iron Man 3

Audience Profile – Iron Man 3


Following the research into the audience for Iron Man 3, an audience profile can be created giving an idea of what the fans enjoy.  First hand and secondary research enforce each other generating the content required.  The focus group viewing the trailer was small and even with different ages, gender and likes amongst the group there wasn’t enough diversity to make an accurate decision.  So basing the data from the focus group and that found online a pattern of audiences likes appeared.



The majority audience age range is from 18 – 34; the younger members of this group enjoy the powerful music and fight scenes.  Where the older audience may enjoy these elements too many fans grew up with the comics and cartoons and so they can experience the film in a different way having already established the characters.


Those that enjoy the film have hobbies that relate into the film – creative projects (photography/art etc.) and watching TV and films.  The film uses similar themes seen in other hero films, which the audiences tend to watch as well.  There are more male fans of the film than female, roughly a ratio of 4:1. Women within the film are not a specific desire being portrayed as objects, but would like them to have a more personal role within the story. The elements within the trailer have to reflect what the audience wants from the film, the audience don’t stick to one specific genre of film but have around 3 genres they would class as their ‘favorite’.  Comedy, horror and action were popular choices which ties into the trailer showing dark scenes for the terrorists with scary voice-overs, action explosions and fight scenes and then the end is light hearted when a ton of Iron Man suits arriving to save the day.


Iron Man 3 Trailer – Focus Group Results


Screen shot 2013-05-20 at 13.14.31


Screen shot 2013-05-20 at 13.14.37

Favorite Film/TV Genre

Screen shot 2013-05-20 at 13.14.43

Number of Feature Films Watched in the Last 4 weeks

Screen shot 2013-05-20 at 13.23.41

Favorite Hobby

Screen shot 2013-05-20 at 13.14.54

Does the Trailer Affect your Choice to the see Film

Screen shot 2013-05-20 at 13.15.12

Appealing Trailer Qualities

Screen shot 2013-05-20 at 13.15.16

Trailer Bad Points

Screen shot 2013-05-20 at 13.40.37

Extra Comments

Screen shot 2013-05-20 at 13.15.39

Iron Man 3 Focus Group Results

Iron Man 3 Focus group results:

Gender Age
Male Female 16 17 18 19 20 30+
Audience Responses 4 6 1 2 3 2 1 1


Favorite Film/TV Genre Number of Feature Films viewed in last 4 weeks
Comedy Horror Action Romance Thriller Reality Other None 1 to 4 5 to 10 11+
2 1 1 1 1 0 4 0 5 4 1


Favorite Hobby TrailerAffect Choice to View Film
Sport Console Gaming TV/Films Driving/Riding Shopping Creative Projects (art/photography) Yes No
1 0 4 0 1 4 7 3


Appeal of the Trailer
Music Fight Scenes Iron Man Suit Good vs Evil Women Voice-over Explosions Pace of music + cuts Story
5 6 3 2 2 2 5 3 1


Bad points of the Trailer
Music Fight Scenes Iron Man Suit Good vs Evil Women Voice-over Explosions Pace of music + cuts Story
2 1 1 1 2 2 0 0 0


Other Comments
What will happen next Excited Attention Grabbing Looks awesome Captures the film well Music was great
1 1 1 2 1 1



Iron Man 3 Audience Response

Iron Man 3  Audience Response 

I gave out the following questionnaire to a mixed group after showing them the Iron Man 3 trailer.

Iron Man 3 – Trailer

Please Circle Your Answers





Please state:


Favorite Film/TV Genre









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Iron Man 3 Demographics

Iron Man 3 Demographics



The most popular audience for the film is 18 -29 year old males giving 41,599 votes towards the subject.  The next most popular is males aged 30- 44 with 17,735.  The film draws fewer fans after the age of 45 and very little females under the age of 18, there are still around 2000 males in the under 18 age category but this low number could be related to the age rating of the film.  Being a 12A only leaves a six-year age gap for viewers in the bracket rather than the 11 years for the ‘most popular’ audience for the film according to the statistics.  The number of users in each age group will also have to be taken into account.  Surprisingly though the female voters under 18 gave the highest rating for the film despite being the second lowest category to view it.

YouTube Trailer

Iron Man 3 Trailer



The top demographics for people viewing the trailer are males aged 35 – 44.  Within the comments viewers have related the film to other recent action hero films – The Dark Knight, Green Lantern, Ghost Rider.  This suggests that the film is not only aiming for an action genre audience but targeting those having watched other superhero films.  The USP of a superhero film is their powers and seeing them in action, this would give reason to show the Iron Man suit in action using a variety of powers to attract this audience.

Iron Man Season 2 – Episode 10

This is section from the cartoon version of Iron Man released in 1996 has a top demographic audience of males ages 35 – 44.  This is the same as that of the new Iron Man feature, the character and his powers being shown off appears to be a huge hook in drawing in the audience.


Influenced from the IMDB and YouTube research, I used Facebook to find how many 18 – 29 year olds ‘Like’ Iron Man 3.  59,540 males in the UK and 16,580 female which ties in with the other statistics defining this age group as the target market.  Only 22,360 males and 9,400 females have ‘Liked’ it demonstrating the decrease in the number of older fans, although the number of older members of Facebook will have to be taken into account.

Did You Notice It?

Did You Notice It?

Iron Man 3 Trailer – Continuity Mistake

The paparazzi interviewer one minute has a flip phone, the next a touchscreen – something doesn’t quite add up!

If you also look at the background reporters to the right, an extra man appears behind the crouching woman.

Screen shot 2013-05-17 at 11.58.12 Screen shot 2013-05-17 at 11.58.32

Focus Group – Iron Man 3

Focus Group – Iron Man 3

Focus groups are a good way to gather information about a product quickly with group diversity.  To understand more about why the Iron Man trailer appeals to certain audiences I will gather a group of people, different ages, gender and likes at observe them watching the trailer.  The more diverse and larger the audience is the better to determine the audience’s likes and associating it with that type of person – creating an audience profile.  Their reactions to the trailer as it’s playing may determine the elements that worked well amongst the group.  A quick survey at the end to find out what people thought of it, the elements they liked and those they didn’t and ultimately if it will affect their decision to see the film.

A private survey at the end will avoid group bias, in a group a few members will the authority role, which other will tend to agree with despite their true opinions.

Comparing the observations made with the group along with the survey should aid my deduction of the target audience and how producers target the content specifically towards them.  Combining this with the secondary data collected from online sites, a clear format should present itself.

Simple Breakdown to the Action Trailer – Iron Man 3

Simple breakdown to the action trailer

Iron Man Trailer – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ke1Y3P9D0Bc

The Dark Knight Rises Trailer – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g8evyE9TuYk

Action film trailers feature similar content following a rough format appealing to fans of the genre.  The music will start slowly and quiet and build in pace and volume throughout mimicking the heart rate.  Voice-overs will appear in time with the visuals helping to tell the story of the film

Initially the principle ‘good’ characters will be shown unsettled by something, the ‘bad’ characters then reveal little glimpses of themselves causing destruction.  Shocked faces and peril, as everyone seems in danger.  The hero tries to help but gets knocked back down, the world is seen desperate for a hero.  The hero returns to fight for justice, the music gets louder and the pace quickens building the tension.  Actions shots, fighting, explosions cut quickly together giving a taster of what the film holds in store.  The title explodes onto the screen getting larger appearing to get closer to the audience, another final action clip to hook the audience before cutting to either credits or locations to view the film.

Appealing to the Audience

Fans of action/adventure films obviously like to see those elements within the film, so to hook the audience the trailer must to.  The timing of the cuts and the pace of the music along with the actual content displaying the content the fans love with the unique narrative of the film.  The mark of courage, showing a hero rise to save the day doing the right thing, using abilities they have for good.  The music and sequences combined in a smooth action is a huge appeal watching the elite rise up for good.  A similar sensation to sports fans, viewing the best, competing for the championship position but in a fictitious world of possibilities.  The voice-overs and sections of dialogue spoken over the action shots are spoken slowly with conviction.  These short powerful lines stick in the audiences mind and then so will the film!

Screen shot 2013-05-16 at 16.11.56 Screen shot 2013-05-16 at 16.11.43 Screen shot 2013-05-16 at 16.11.36 Screen shot 2013-05-16 at 16.11.28 Screen shot 2013-05-16 at 16.11.08

Trailers Targeted At Specific Audiences


Produced, as the main marketing tool selling the film, the two to three minutes needs to summarise the film and entice audiences to watch it.  To capture the audience the content, pace, music and techniques will all need to work together displaying the best of the film, making people excited about it!

Iron Man 3

This is obviously the trailer for the third Iron Man film so a fan base will already exist so as well as bringing them back for the new film they want to attract new fans to the franchise.

The films is classed as an action/adventure/sci-fi film and so these elements need to feature in the trailer classifying the films so audiences have an idea of the over all theme.


The rough narrative if the film is shown throughout the trailer giving the basis of the film to the viewer leaving them intrigued to how it will conclude.  A mixture of voice overs and speech play over scene extracts visually displaying what is said, the visuals are in time with the dramatic music being played amplifying the pace.  Being an action film about a superhero billionaire, the expectation is to see him in action. The trailer delivers this, showing explosions and adrenaline filled action as the target audience enjoy.

What happens in the trailer, a rough narrative to intrigue the audience.

Prologue – Problem – Bad guys/attacks – helpless – What will the hero do? – Suit up ready to fight – Release date – Hero struggles – Hero fights – Courage – Title – Back up

Dramatic intense music throughout fits the genre and grabs your attention.  A deliberate point is made to show the terrorists in dark shadow and keep the hero in the light, metaphorical to their position.  Cinematic beats occur during the cut from action to the title, bringing it to your attention.  The titles are 3D in the hero colours (red/silver) and enlarge getting closer to the screen, coming towards you really make the words prominent.  Using the hero colours is a subtle way to brand the text as a symbol for the Iron Man suit.

Superhero films have become much darker in recent years initially noticed within the Dark Knight franchise.  Television news shows a more violent view of the world that audiences have become more accustomed to, showing a more realistic form of justice.  When Adam West stared as Batman punches and violence were avoided by showing a ‘pow’ cartoon sign over the impact, todays action genre audience enjoys the gritty action and courage to fight for a good cause which Iron Man demonstrates.  To take the audience into the action very detailed animation techniques were used creating the Iron Man suit.  Taking the audience on the superhero experience includes them in the action, feeling like the hero this also affects game sales where audiences can play as the character controlling the action.  Animation allows the characters to do so much more than is possible in reality taking you to another world of power.