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Quantitative VS Qualitative. Which does what?

When researching any topic, there are two main methods of researching when it comes to generalization. These are Quantitative and Qualitative.

Quantitative is the method of making an underline generalization that can briefly describe something among (typically) many other things, it is typically used when researching large quantities of data.  Typically, when it comes to surveys and such – Quantitative data is usually made up with multiple answer questions, and are explained in Batch. For example, asking 100 people if they like Cheese or not will bring about a lot of “Yes or No” answers, and as such you can display them as a bar chart or pie chart, because the information is to segregate and emphasis. In essence, this method of research is to stereotype and categorize.

Qualitative research is done with the goal of gaining specific answers from a variety of people, albeit usually a very small group of people in comparison to a quantitative method. By using this method, you are effectively spending more time in research, but are gaining answers which can be exclusive to anyone you interview or research. This is used typically after quantitative research, because quantitative is for usually finding an audience or “Base” for the research, and then the qualitative is to research the people who matter for whatever topic you may be researching.

An example of both would be – “Are you afraid of dying?”  To which 40% of people could say yes, and 60% say no – Immediately through the use of Quantitative research, we have split our batch down the middle, and have identified who is afraid and who is not. We can use further quantitative methods to identify the possible traits of those who said yes, by asking for Gender or Age, very broad topics that can possibly refine this 40% down even more, gaining a smaller and more controllable number.

Furthermore, we can then use a Qualitative method of researching by asking specific questions related to our topic a little more. Questions such as “Why are you afraid?” Or “What about dying are you afraid of?”, have the intent on gaining specific and opinionated answers from these individuals.

This is the act of Research.

Market Research

The purpose is to identify what the public wants and if any other companies have similar products that you are going to make, if so then to gather the information to help you to find out other ways to make it better than the existing products.

The methods used to collect this information is surveys, focus groups, personal interviews, observation and field trials, sometimes you can use one of the methods but it is safer to use a couple more. Another way to help with getting all the information you need is to get a larger group of people to complete the task you are giving them.

There is different sources of information that is collected for market research. such as secondary data that is information all ready collected in reports, statistics and anything that can be found on the internet. This is used to get a better understanding of the target audience.

Market Research

Product market – a mechanism that allows People to easily buy or sell products for example eBay or Amazon.

Competition – Contest between individuals or groups.

Competitor analysis – assessment of the weakness and strengths of current competitors.

Advertising placement – where a branded product is placed in a advert or movie etc to gain the attention of an audience in order to try and tempt them to go out and by the product.

Image representing eBay as depicted in CrunchBase

Image via CrunchBase

Advertising effects – advertising is used to sell a product and to do so businesses try to invoke an audience visually and orally  enticing an audience into a situation or creating a narrative for a product to capture an audiences imagination.

Market Research

Market research is when you collects information from the public to see what product or genre they like the most, this could be a genre or style of a film like the vampire genre and zombie genre. In the last few years the vampire genre was rebooted for a young female audience, this started with the film Twilight which was a very successful and created a strong fan base. Other films that followed after like Stake Land and We Are the Night, which take the similar style of teen adventure with romance which would then get an already established fan base to watch the film.

Market research is carried through researchers analysing trends in the market this is done the TV shows, films and video games. Researchers for films would then look at the market sales of what genre are the most popular, so for example action and fantasy is popular with the Hobbit film and the new Star Trek films been released. As a new film Jack the Giant Slayer has a lot of references from  Lord of the Rings with the siege battle scenes.

After showing people a film and identifying the flaws, you then need to change them and then keep on showing the film until the large majority of the audience will like the product. The with the statistic you can see what sort of people like the film or shows so teenagers who attend university may prefer a documentary unlike teenagers who aren’t in higher education. After this should be easy to target the audience by identifying their geodemographical  locations, the product would then be targeted at the audience through advertisement from the regional  TV station. An example is that there are more cider ads in South West and East of the country due to popularity of the drink, as in Somerset there are 25 different cider producing companies.

http://www.entrepreneur.com/encyclopedia/market-research (This explains the definition of Market Research)

Market Research

Market Research

Conducting this can involve many hours of online searches, newspaper articles and current news to determine what other products are out there, how recently and if they were successful or not.  The reasons why some did well and others did not can then be looked into more closely, what were the audience expecting and wanting from the feature?  How it was delivered to them can also affect the number of people taking an interest, good marketing techniques will obviously attract more activity around the subject.  Different methods will appeal to different genre audiences and identifying those that work well can aid your own production.  Viewing figures and demographics of the fan base can be found using IMDB, Facebook and YouTube along with the audience rating for the production.

Market Research

Market research exists to collect and analyse information about existing products and films so you can apply the research, and create better versions of the product. The product would be broken down and analysed so all components can be looked at in order to achieve a better understanding of what’s out there already and how it can be improved. They would investigate things like product placement, which is when a company sponsors the film so that their product is featured in the film in a way that is noticeable. As well as this, the effects of advertising would be investigated, like if a website was included on an advert, then traffic to the website can be recorded.

Qualitative Research

Qualitative Research is when the research you conduct is about the person in terms of why and how rather then what and when. It would include things like film reviews, which you would find in magazines and on the internet or responses to advertising campaigns, which you would find out through viewing figures, and if it is a direct response advert, then traffic to a website or through a phone number can be recorded and reviewed, to see if it is successful or not. Another type of qualitative research that is effective is open questions on a questionnaire, so the person who is taking it can answer the question thoroughly and give an explanation to why they chose a certain answer, therefor giving more information to help understand what the audience wants or likes.

Market Research, Audience Research and Production Research

Market Research:

There are a number of purposes to why market research is a necessity to create a successful product. One of which is the need for companies to understand exactly what their target audience is looking for in a product. This is seen as being essential for any company releasing a new product as this allows the company to create a suited product, based on their majority target audience, thus allowing the product to potentially become successful. Furthermore, market research can also help companies identify any future trends that may show up in the next few years. This can also be very beneficial for companies as this allows them to potentially gain a competitive edge over their rivals, which may be creating similar products to themselves. In addition, this can also help set the company and the product they are producing in a very strong position with their target audience as they are more likely to stick with a product which is different to anything else seen before and also any products which may be very similar to the original product. This was shown, for example, with the rise of the reality TV show ‘The only was is Essex’. After the reality TV hit show ‘Big Brother’ was cancelled on Channel 4 in 2010, a new breed of reality TV was needed. ITV started to take notice of this and began market research into shows such as ‘The Hills’ and ‘The City’, which were Americas reality TV shows. ITV soon discovered that these types of structured reality TV shows were extremely popular in America and believed that a similar show for the UK would be a success. Indeed it was, as ‘The Only Way is Essex’ started to gain huge media attention due to the popularity with young adults after starting in October 2010. Due to this success, other UK production companies started coming up with their own version of TOWIE such as ‘Made in Chelsea’, ‘Jersey Shore’ and ‘The Valleys’. However, TOWIE still remains the most popular scripted reality show in the UK as fans of the show continue to watch in their numbers despite alternate versions of the show.

There are a number of methods to conduct market research. One of these methods is the use of surveys. These can be taken part in many different ways such as in-person surveys, telephone surveys, online surveys and web surveys. These different ways can help benefit a company as this allows them to analyze a sample group of people based on their target audience. Secondly, another method of collecting market research is by conducting focus groups of the companies major target audience. In these focus groups, a series of questions and topics are given to the focus group to discuss, in which they are being recorded by. These types of sessions usually take a couple of hours with a number of focus groups needed to take place in order for the results, of the focus group, to be balanced. Another method of gaining market research is personal interviews. The structure of personal interviews are very similar to focus groups in which they are also recorded and usually last around a couple of hours. This allows companies to gain a more detailed insight into their target audience for their product compared to in-person surveys, which may only take around a couple of minutes to complete. A different way of collecting market research takes the form of observations. Completely different to the previous methods mentioned about collecting market research, observations allow companies to observe their target audiences natural behavior towards how they react to similar products, that a company is trying to produce, and any advertising campaigns that attempt to sell box office tickets or improve DVD sales of these similar products.

Audience Research:

The purpose of audience research is to help companies discover what target audience would be best suitable for the type of product that they are producing such as age, gender, ethnic background, location, income and what media do they already consume. This is extremely vital to any company trying to create a successful product as targeting a product at the wrong type of audience can cause problems throughout any research which is conducted, the production of the product and how this may be advertised thus causing the product to not be as successful as first hoped by the company, which can also lead to the cancellation of any future products related to the original and a slightly damaged reputation to the company who produced the product.

When trying to discover their major target audience, a company can use a number of methods using qualitative and quantitative research to discover whom they should be aiming their product at. Quantitative involves using data and numbers such as program ratings, box office sales, hits on websites and dvd sales to see how successful other products have been, which are similar to the product a company is producing. Qualitative research, on the other hand, involves the company discovering their target audiences opinions and views on similar products and how they react to this. This usually takes the form of reviews, websites, newspapers, blogs and fanzine sites. As well as this, a mix of primary and secondary research can be used to also help indentify a target audience for a companies product which can include questionnaires, statistics, focus groups and newspapers.

Production Research:

The purpose of production research is to help companies to decide on a number of factors that will affect how they create their product. One of the factors that the company will have to research is how it would be best to show their product to their specific target audience. This is very important as the product must be shown in the correct way that their target audience will mostly use, whether this is broadcasting the product, showing the product on the web or showing it on a podcast.

Other factors that will need to be taken into consideration will be; the cast and crew, as this will majorly impact on the success of the product, location, where appropriate locations will need to be discovered and if filming will be allowed to take place there, finance, where the budget will need to be carefully assessed and given out accordingly into different areas to stay in budget, suppliers, which the production company will need to source out to find companies who would be willing to invest in their product, facilities, taking into account the filming and editing equipment and the content needed to create the product.

Quantitative, Qualitative, Primary & Secondary Research-What Are They?

Well first of all quantitative is a large quantity of detailed research and findings. Qualitative is the quality of the research, meaning is the information relevant and appropriate enough and is it formal or informal. Usually formal pieces of research usually provide better quality research than informal research does. Quality is always better than quantity though.

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Market Research

“Market research is any organized effort to gather information about markets or customers. It is a very important component of business strategy”, (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Market_research). This is showing that regarding any business encounters in the media whether it’s a film, song, music video etc. The production team will need to deal with the business side to find the relevant information on their ‘product’, to the correct market for example, a pilot for a show would be released to the viewers for the productions own market research to find out the audiences views about the show to see whether it would hold a future on t.v.

The market research would also be focusing on the statistics of the views from the pilot such as, how many viewers watched the pilot. This is to give the market research team all the information they needed to carry on with airing the rest of the season for the show. But for some cases the market research may not all go so well and the show could become cancelled, just like the show’ don’t scare the hare’.

Product Market:

The product markets are marketers finding out all the important information needed about their product, show, script, film etc. This is to ensure that all the information is collected properly so they can develop there ideas and mainly keep the ‘product’ going. The marketers would start the ‘ball rolling’ by pitching their ideas to broadcasters, production teams etc this could be to the BBC, Channel 4 or even ITV.


Competition “is a term that encompasses the notion of individuals and firms striving for a greater share of a market to sell or buy goods and services”, (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Competition_(economics)). This means that many marketers may be involved, or even bid for involvement a certain project i.e. feature films, t.v. shows etc. This means they would compete with one another to achieve there wanted position, which means that they would have higher gravity over a production.

Competitor Analysis:

Competitor analysis “is an assessment of the strengths and weakness of the current potential competitors”, (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Competitor_analysis). This means that within a production the weak and strong competitors would be spotted to see whether there would be any risks or good features when investing in competitors.

Advertising Placement:

Advertising placements began in the early 90’s and is commonly used when it comes to all the advertisements. Its the settlement of when, where and how their ‘product’ i.e. song, film, show would be previewed to the target audience. The production would need to think when would be the acceptable time to advertise it for example if the product was a Christmas tune, they would need to ensure they advertise nearer the time to Christmas. Where and how they would advertise would mean if they would show previews on the t.v. on just the ads, on certain channels such as film 4 if it was a film as that main channel for watching films, but also getting the local gossip about new releases. But also the timing of which the advert would be shown, as if it was a horror rated 18 film it would mainly be previewed in the later evening so younger viewers could not see.

Advertising Effects:

An advert needs to connect with their target audience to make them want to purchase the product. This means that the production team need to be aware of the effect that a advert can have both good and bad. A good effect would be that it’s directly linking to their appropriate audience and is appealing them in such a way that they want to watch, see or purchase the product. The bad effects would be if the advert was not reaching the target audience completely, and they were not intrigued with what they saw but also some of the viewers could find features not to their taste or even morally unacceptable this is showing that with any production the right market research is essential, and to find out as much information needed.