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Media Effect Theories part 2

Personal Identity. People use the media find out about themselves and like to see who they relate to, this is done in films where characters are presented in certain way to reflect a group of people who they can relate to. The reason why people relate to characters in films is because they imagine themselves in a similar situation, and will think to themselves ‘this is what I would have done instead’ or ‘that person didn’t handle the situation that well. One example in Hollywood disaster films is the protagonists is divorced reluctant hero who no body listens to until its to late, this appears in films like Volcano, Out Break, Day After Tomorrow and Twister.

Surveillance. This is when we use any form of media to find out whats going on around us, this could be done by reading newspaper or most commonly going onto internet news sites like the BBC. When there’s a breaking report like the Boston Bombings we only see and hear a small amount of information on the news channels, as the only thing people were told was their were two small explosions near the finish line of the Boston Marathon. People who wanted more information went on to YouTube to see the incident and also using Tweeter to interact with people at the Marathon, people at the marathon said over Tweeter that this was a certain terrorist attack but the main international news channels were still speculating what caused the explosion.