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Media products and their audiences. Analysis of Battlefield 3

Selection of content:

Words and images: In the trailer the first image shown is the content rating of the game letting the audience know what age group the game is mainly aimed at and what sort of content will be involved, in this case blood, intense violence and strong language is shown and heard in the game. The words in this image are bold and coloured black standing out from the background. The next image shown is showing the audience how many awards the game has won this will help in selling the product better as it tells the audience how good the game will be overall. The colour of this image is coloured red making it stand out from the black background.

Sound: The trailer begins with a low sound of music heard underneath the game footage, as it continues the sound of characters and music starts to increase in pace and volume until it reaches a point where a character is heard shouting, the music then stops for a split second just before everything becomes fast paced and the increase of sound and music which adds to the intense footage of the game.

Sequences: The trailer has two main sequences. The first sequence is showing and telling the audience hints of what the game is about, who some of the main characters are and footage of some of the game features. E.g. showing short clips in first person view of using warfare machinery, the atmosphere of being in first person and how that is used to add realism by involving the audience more. It also shows short clips of piloting jets which let the audience know that this will be one of the in game features. The second sequence shows the audience how destructive and fast paced the game is, it also shows most of it in first person to give the game a more realistic feel and to involve the audience more in what is going on within the trailer. Compared to a game, which uses similar techniques and features the trailer for Call of Duty modern warfare 3 is a good example as it uses many different sequences, which show the audience the different layouts, warfare machinery, locations and gameplay within the game.

Colours: The colours of the trailer changes from the two sequences. The first sequence colours are very dark and showing very little light making the game look gritty and dark this also adds to the seriousness of the first sequence. As the second sequence starts the first thing shown is a bright light which is then followed by brightly coloured footage to fully show the detail of the games foreground and background.

Fonts: The trailer only shows two bits of font, which are at the beginning and at the end of the trailer. The font at the beginning is all capitalised and coloured white and gold making it standout from the red background. The font at the end of the trailer is capitalised, large and coloured white making it easy to read and stand out from the dark background.

Construction of content:

Narratives: The trailer has different narratives that are all connected to one main narrative. Each of the narratives are short giving little bits of the story away and are explained to the audience by different characters in the game and by doing this it shows and tells the audience each of the characters role in the game.

Layout: The layout of the trailer is split into two sections. The first section is story based and cinematic as if the audience was watching a short film; it also switches between first person and third person. The first person view involves the audience as if they were part of the story and seeing parts of it through the eyes of the protagonist. The third person view allows the audience to view parts of the game from a distance, which is used to show the surroundings of the game. E.g. there is a shot of war ships and an aircraft carrier in the ocean while a pair of fighter jets that fly at the game camera while showing the vastness of some of the games layouts.

Codes and conventions:

Linguistic: The linguistics of the trailer is all representations of everyday people and their goals. One of the characters is an Arabic leader who’s linguistics and characteristics are based around terrorism and world domination this is a representation of what is going on in the world today. The two other groups of characteristics are based on soldiers and their leaders/captains. The soldier’s linguistics is mainly following orders and nothing else. The linguistics of the leaders/captains is mainly revolved around authority and leadership, giving and shouting orders.

Visual: The visual side of the trailer is made to look realistic this is done by how realistic the textures look e.g. roughness or smoothness of metal on vehicles and weapons. Shadowing and lighting when running past windows, clothing and facial expressions. E.g. movement of mouths, eyes and reactions when spoken to. Also the movement of soldiers and how they crouch lie down and run, the creases in clothes and bags. They also add streams of light that show bits of dust floating around which also add to the realism of lighting and first person as this is what can bee seen through our eyes in real life.

Audio: The first part of the trailer the audio is very quite where the characters are clearly heard so the audience can hear and understand the different bits of the story. As the first part of the trailer ends a man is heard shouting which kick starts the start of the second part of trailer where the audio is greatly increased in volume and pace matching the speed of the footage and hype for the audience watching.

Symbolic: The end part of the trailer is symbolic as it is the producers own logo, picture and music that represent the games inviduality and making it unique from other games and ideas that have a similar theme or context. A good example of this is Call of duty modern warfare, where their logo is coloured green and they only use the initials of modern warfare (MW), which is placed against a black background. The image which tells the audience how many awards the game has won is coloured red which is a symbolic warning colour which we associate ourselves with blood or violence making us more aware of this colour therefore the audience will automatically fix themselves on this and read the bit of information the company wants to get across to their audience. The trailer also shows a American soldier walking towards the camera as bits of rubble fly past him at the screen, it then cuts to a shot of the soldier standing facing the audience with warfare machinery in the background giving him a lone wolf and invincible look. The background is coloured blue representing the American colours and a white title representing purity.

Technical: The technical side of the trailer are the camera movements of the trailer as it crosses between first person views and third person views showing the audience different parts of game footage from different angles, heights and different situations. Example for first person view: The first person camera involves the audience in important conversations with the game characters involving them more in the story line and showing first person views of using machinery or doing something dramatic keeping the audience interested. An example of for third person view is showing the audience the games vastness of backgrounds, locations and how detailed it is. It also shows some of the games features that the player will be able to control and be a part of. For example jets and warships. Another technical convention of the game is the quick editing showing snippets of gameplay which adds to the fast action pace theme of the game in the second part of the trailer which also helps keeps the audience interested and isn’t boring.

Modes of address: The games trailer’s modes of address consist of a lot of action packed footage that shows different fast paced action gameplay and situations that the game puts the player in such as running chasing a main target around taking out enemy targets while buildings are falling down creating large scale destruction, vehicles are exploding on the streets as the player is running past, civilians are running for there lives in all directions and constant battles take place throughout the street as the player tries o reach the target, all this is viewed through first person. Underneath the destructive footage that a fast paced up beat soundtrack is played to add to the suspension and adrenaline rush which helps keep the audience watching and pumped up. As all this is going on the camera remains in first person which helps keep the audience interested as it makes the audience feel they are the character they are playing adding to the realism of the game.From the information gathered the target audience for this product appeals more to a male audience between the ages of 18-30 as the game puts the player in a war zone environment for every stage of the game and has a consistent war theme throughout the game. The game is also a very male dominant game and only feature one female character that the player takes the role of but does not see her due to the constant first person view of the game.

James Bond Movie Series Analysis

Game of Thrones – How the product addresses the audience.

game-of-thrones-posterGame of Thrones is an adult fantasy television show that is adapted from a series of books. The target audience for this show would be males, aged from 18-30. I’ve come to this conclusion because the content is mainly about war and medieval type fantasy. Many elements, such as lighting, colours, editing, acting, music, sound and modes of address all are crafted to appeal to the audience of the show. The modes of address in the show, not only range from informal to formal (slang etc.) but the accents are similar to English ones, with northern English accents for those who live in the north of the country, and southern accents similar to those who live in the south of England. Those who live across the sea from the main country are often heard speaking with a foreign accent.

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How a product addresses an audience – Modes of Address

When a film or T.V program is made, then the creators have to think about what the audience wants and how they will react to certain things. The sounds, images, colours and words used in the film or T.V programcan influence the way that people react to the content.

Language is a big part of this as different dialects would be dubbed so the content can reach a larger audience than just one language. Not only this, but different modes of address, like certain types of slang can affect who does or doesn’t watch it, as in different places, different types of words would be used and applied, that are different in another place. This would then draw in many different types of people as they can relate to the people in the film with the same mode of address.


Audience Attractions & Choices

You have to think very carefully about what attracts an audience and the choices you make when making a media product. First of all you have to think about genre. Is it just one genre or a combination of genres? Is it action, adventure, a soap, science-fiction, fantasy, drama, documentary, comedy, romance, rom com, horror, thriller or something different? You also have to think about style (meaning the sets, locations, clothing, costumes and the use of camera) You have to try and make sure the use of the camera makes most of the shots ultra crisp.

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