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Production Research

The purpose of production research is to gather together research into sections that are needed the most and sections that are high priority for starting a production for TV or film.

The methods used to research locations, equipment and finance would be done on the internet to get prices of equipment being rented out for a day. Getting location shots from all around the world to see if two different towns can match up to make one for the show/film. All of the finance researched to see what it may cost so everything can be monitored to avoid going over the budget.

The sources of information that are used to gather up would be finding out all the prices for equipment, flights, hotel, mobile homes and food costs. All this information put together will help plan out the rough amount of money that will be used in the making of the show/film.

Production Research

Production research involves finding information that will be used to explore many aspects of TV show or film, this could be used in set drama where you need research society during that era, also you need research basic things like clothing, transport, architect and political stance. By doing this it will make the TV show or film a believable professional production, you also need to make sure that you don’t make the basic continuity era. One example is in X-Men First Class in the first scene was set in 1944, but there was picture of Albert Einstein that was taken in 1947. Even though it doesn’t completely through the period time into a mess, but it is still important to check if the date of pictures and paintings.

The methods that are used within Production Research is mainly the Internet and through books in libraries, as books and the Internet will tell a lot about social trends throughout history this could be in clothing, artwork and transport. There is even old maps of cities in libraries and on the internet, this would come in use if you make a film in London set 200 years ago. The reason why they would go this far in-depth is because they production wants to appear professional and create a believable atmosphere.

Also when looking setting a location the production team have to consider if the location they want to film at is feasible, so a desert location may cost more than a snowy location so the director may have re think the location of the desert. As in Star Wars New Hope some scenes on Tatooine where filmed in Tunisia, the Yuma desert and Death Valley the scene where the audience  first meet Obi Wan. Yuma desert and Death Valley are both in America and 200 miles from the Star Wars set, by filming the Tatooine scenes there it is cost less with travel accommodation, government permission and Tax. When budgeting with equipment you need to be realistic with the amount of cameras. NOT FINISHED YET

[also look at the research you need when budgeting – sourcing equipment, locations, props etc]

Production Research

Production Research

Production Research is questioning the product in hand and ensuring it covers the requirements for use and of the target market.  This covers all the areas when producing the product and distribution, you know the market and the audeince is there now time to actually make the idea.


This is what the end product will consist of.  In terms of a music video the elements that convey the story, urban backdrop to a man in a suit singing his troubles away.  This can be shown as a storyboard and props list, what elements will be seen?


How likely the product is to becoming a reality, costs, availability, location and distribution are all major factors.  A mission plan and schedule will help give an overview into the project and from this you can determine if it is viable.

Placement Media

This can often be easy ways for productions to increase their budget with little effort.  Product placement is inserting the product or brand into the music video for a fee.  Images of the product and points on the storyboard where it will be shown will need to be drawn up.


A spreadsheet will need to made showing the outgoing costs and the incoming funds with a breakeven point.  With any production there should always be a reserve amount of money as a back up incase one of the other production days doesn’t go according to plan.


The expenditure of the production will be put into a spreadsheet.  For a music video these cost may consist of: location, actors, crew, props, equipment, post-production and distribution.  This can be weighed up against the budget and then the variable costs can be negotiated, these would usually be days on location or studio and equipment hire.

Technological Resources

Software, music, design and text, these are all intellectual property protected by copyright.  The laws over these are slightly different depending on which country you’re in but to use a piece of music will cost the production company, as they have to pay a fee to the copyright owner.


All employees employed in the company or for a service should have a contract of employment.  The type of contract can vary depending on the individual’s position.


All of the locations used for a music video shoot will have first been scouted by the locations manager and reported back to the director with recce notes and pictures.  Once the director has seen the sites and approved these will be used.  Movement orders, risk assessments and release forms will need to be filled out as part of the official paperwork.  If the location of the production office is not close to the shooting location and so accommodation may be needed.  Should the end result go out in a physical form rather than online and digitally, the location of the distributer will need good transportation channels.


The product is made and works great however if no one can view it, it wont be successful.  Audience research will indicate how people like to view media content, on the move on their mobile, laptop, television and so on.  To grab the audeince the content needs to be shown where they will see it.

Production Research

Production Research is when you conduct research into what is needed and what would be the most effective route to take when starting production on a film or T.V show. Things like finance, locations and technical equipment would be researched, so they can be monitored to avoid going over budget and being shut down, and so they can get the best that they can for their production, so people would be interested in and enjoy it. They would think about the placing of products in their production, as it would be beneficial if a company sponsors the production, because in return, their product would have a big audience to advertise to.

Market Research, Audience Research and Production Research

Market Research:

There are a number of purposes to why market research is a necessity to create a successful product. One of which is the need for companies to understand exactly what their target audience is looking for in a product. This is seen as being essential for any company releasing a new product as this allows the company to create a suited product, based on their majority target audience, thus allowing the product to potentially become successful. Furthermore, market research can also help companies identify any future trends that may show up in the next few years. This can also be very beneficial for companies as this allows them to potentially gain a competitive edge over their rivals, which may be creating similar products to themselves. In addition, this can also help set the company and the product they are producing in a very strong position with their target audience as they are more likely to stick with a product which is different to anything else seen before and also any products which may be very similar to the original product. This was shown, for example, with the rise of the reality TV show ‘The only was is Essex’. After the reality TV hit show ‘Big Brother’ was cancelled on Channel 4 in 2010, a new breed of reality TV was needed. ITV started to take notice of this and began market research into shows such as ‘The Hills’ and ‘The City’, which were Americas reality TV shows. ITV soon discovered that these types of structured reality TV shows were extremely popular in America and believed that a similar show for the UK would be a success. Indeed it was, as ‘The Only Way is Essex’ started to gain huge media attention due to the popularity with young adults after starting in October 2010. Due to this success, other UK production companies started coming up with their own version of TOWIE such as ‘Made in Chelsea’, ‘Jersey Shore’ and ‘The Valleys’. However, TOWIE still remains the most popular scripted reality show in the UK as fans of the show continue to watch in their numbers despite alternate versions of the show.

There are a number of methods to conduct market research. One of these methods is the use of surveys. These can be taken part in many different ways such as in-person surveys, telephone surveys, online surveys and web surveys. These different ways can help benefit a company as this allows them to analyze a sample group of people based on their target audience. Secondly, another method of collecting market research is by conducting focus groups of the companies major target audience. In these focus groups, a series of questions and topics are given to the focus group to discuss, in which they are being recorded by. These types of sessions usually take a couple of hours with a number of focus groups needed to take place in order for the results, of the focus group, to be balanced. Another method of gaining market research is personal interviews. The structure of personal interviews are very similar to focus groups in which they are also recorded and usually last around a couple of hours. This allows companies to gain a more detailed insight into their target audience for their product compared to in-person surveys, which may only take around a couple of minutes to complete. A different way of collecting market research takes the form of observations. Completely different to the previous methods mentioned about collecting market research, observations allow companies to observe their target audiences natural behavior towards how they react to similar products, that a company is trying to produce, and any advertising campaigns that attempt to sell box office tickets or improve DVD sales of these similar products.

Audience Research:

The purpose of audience research is to help companies discover what target audience would be best suitable for the type of product that they are producing such as age, gender, ethnic background, location, income and what media do they already consume. This is extremely vital to any company trying to create a successful product as targeting a product at the wrong type of audience can cause problems throughout any research which is conducted, the production of the product and how this may be advertised thus causing the product to not be as successful as first hoped by the company, which can also lead to the cancellation of any future products related to the original and a slightly damaged reputation to the company who produced the product.

When trying to discover their major target audience, a company can use a number of methods using qualitative and quantitative research to discover whom they should be aiming their product at. Quantitative involves using data and numbers such as program ratings, box office sales, hits on websites and dvd sales to see how successful other products have been, which are similar to the product a company is producing. Qualitative research, on the other hand, involves the company discovering their target audiences opinions and views on similar products and how they react to this. This usually takes the form of reviews, websites, newspapers, blogs and fanzine sites. As well as this, a mix of primary and secondary research can be used to also help indentify a target audience for a companies product which can include questionnaires, statistics, focus groups and newspapers.

Production Research:

The purpose of production research is to help companies to decide on a number of factors that will affect how they create their product. One of the factors that the company will have to research is how it would be best to show their product to their specific target audience. This is very important as the product must be shown in the correct way that their target audience will mostly use, whether this is broadcasting the product, showing the product on the web or showing it on a podcast.

Other factors that will need to be taken into consideration will be; the cast and crew, as this will majorly impact on the success of the product, location, where appropriate locations will need to be discovered and if filming will be allowed to take place there, finance, where the budget will need to be carefully assessed and given out accordingly into different areas to stay in budget, suppliers, which the production company will need to source out to find companies who would be willing to invest in their product, facilities, taking into account the filming and editing equipment and the content needed to create the product.

Production Research


The content of the production would be what would be included in the production itself for example if it was a music video would it be a narrative structure or studio based, also linking with the type of costumes etc.


When doing all the research the production team will need to make sure that they have considered all the viewers.

Placement media:

The placement media would be where the show, video, film would be aired. The production would need to consider the audience for example, if the production was a music video then the production would want to show it on a music channel so it can be accesed easily, but also if ended up on a completely different channel such as BBC it would suit the criteria of the music video and could loose many viewings.


Would be where the production would get investors to be introduced within their production to help with the budgeting.


Would be budgeting their money wisely in order to afford all the cost including, travelling, props, costumes, hiring etc.

Technological resources:

The technological resources is based around the copyright side to a production, they can vary from different countries the main copyright issues would be design, music, software and text.


is based around the person employed and their contracts. Each contract would vary depending on the position on the person, but each employ and production needs to have regular contracts.


The locations in the production are one of the key aspects as they are just as important as for example a music video. The location would need to be discovered in the pre productions so they can be equally covered for the use of the production. With each location the production team will need to fill out risk assessments have location notes, movement orders etc.