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Inspired by Media, Intriguing to See, Media Fort, is where YOU should be!

This blog is created for upcoming inspired media individuals aiming at 16-19 year old students who are intrigued into wanting to discover media theories. All rolled into one, covering the facts to opinions, you as the audience are able to communicate and join in!

Being our final project to finish the course, there are many students like myself who are posting all their facts and opinions, so you, the audience can go through the secondary research for any work you needed completed, or just for your own insight! 


Media Fort Proposal

Media Fort


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Media Theory In Little Snippets


The blog is aimed at media students aged 16 – 19, and explains media practice, theories and debates in easy simple steps.  Little sections outlining topics are easy to digest like a news feed on social networking sites.  We do the research so you don’t have to!

The blog is built up from several authors completing their diploma, sharing their knowledge for others to read.


What my group proposes to do is create some surveys and questionnaires. Some of these will be face to face, others will be condcuted online i.e. on Survey Monkey and the link would be posted on Facebook.

We would then probably get a focus group of people together who have watched ‘The Dark Knight’ and show them Adam West 1960’s ‘Batman’. We could get another focus group together too of people who have watched modern ‘Doctor Who’ and show them 1960’s ‘Doctor Who’ if we have time.

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