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Audience Profiling

Audience profiling is where demographic and psychographic factors are taken into account to determine the appropriate target audience for a company to target their product at. This is very effective as it allows companies to determine how they should promote their product to make sure that the product can be as successful as possible.

To determine an audience profile, the audience can be referred to by a mix of a single main category and a number of sub-categories. The main categories are mainly factors such as age and gender but the sub-categories take a number of different factors. These can include geodemographics, which profiles people based on where they live, regional identity, just like geodemographics but instead based on a persons regional location where they live, socio economic status, which bases an audience on their personal wealth and jobs, sexual orientation, based on who mostly a potential target audience is sexually attracted to and, finally, a target audiences preference to mainstream, alternate or niche media.

Questionnaire Plan of Action

In our group, we are planning to conduct research to discover the the general profile of 16-19 year old media students.

We will be asking them a mix of demographic and psychographic questions mentioning such topics as their favourite film, TV, and music genres, where they live, gender, how they watch or listen to their favourite shows or music and their most general use for Youtube. In addition, we will also be ask them to name some of their favourite films, TV shows and music as this will not only give a deeper insight into the types of media they watch and listen to but also help us to understand whether they mostly follow mainstream or alternate media.

We will be extracting this information in a number of ways. One of which will be using online surveys where the majority of demographic questions will be based. We believe that not many students will want to talk about their background so openly and instead talk about this anomalously on an online survey. Our other technique will be to use vox pops so we can gain more information about the media students favourite films, TV shows and music. We believe that asking these questions in this sort of way would allow for more reliable information compared with asking these questions through an online survey. This would allow us to gain the information straight away instead of waiting on our target audience to fill out an online survey.

Overall, this information, which we will attempt to gather, will allow us to understand the profile of our target audience which in turn will help us with research which may need to be undertaken.

The Psychographic Questions….

As a group, we decided that these were the the questions we needed ot establish who the audience is, what they like and what they do. Again, like the demographic questions, you need to figure out how you are asking these questions – this will be your methodology (collection of techniques being used). Use a variety of techniques – so, some questions should be asked as questionnaires, some as Vox Pop, and some through other social networking methods.

What are your hobbies?

What is favourite genre of…
What are you favourite…
How often do you watch / consume in a week….

  • Games
  • TV
  • FIlm
  • Music

How often do you use / Access…
How do you access…
How long do you access…. in a week?

  • TV
  • Film
  • Games
  • music
  • Internet

How do you do your coursework?
i.e. In college, at home, online, on paper, exams, course work…?

Do you download legally or illegally?

Who are you favourite…

  • Role Models?
  • Actors / performers?
  • Idols?

What do you use Youtube for?

  • Trailers
  • Cute Videos (Cats / Kittens / Dogs / Puppies / Chipmonks etc)
  • Anime
  • Music
  • Music Videos
  • Clips
  • Research
  • Tutorials
  • Video Games
  • Comedy clips
  • User Generated Content

How many media devices do you use at the same time?