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What Would You Do?

When watching a film, do you as the audience put yourself in their shoes and think what would I do in that position?

So I went round and asked 16 people and all but one said that they do think about what they would do, but that they also interact with the T.V especially if there are horrors/thriller (tense atmospheric products) on.

Possible questions my group could use in the critical responses/approaches unit.

This survey is to obtain responses about what the majority of people are into the most. This demographic information will be taken from a focus group of 16-19 year old media students, as that is our target audience for this project. It is also to obtain biological information too such as their age, gender, eye colour and hair colour. This will help us determine things such as what ages are into what different things, what are females into that males aren’t and vice versa and what people with that hair colour and/or that eye colour are into.

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