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Does Violent Media Content Cause A Violent Society?

I conducted some research to find out how students behaviour may have been impacted by media and more closely by violent content.  The research found online suggests that violent media has a greater impact on males and coincidentally the random group selected to fill out the questionnaire included more males.  All students that took the questionnaire watch or play violent content, and over half said they do copy actions seen within the content.  These actions refer to uses and gratification, people copying content seen, this time not in a positive way.  The survey disproved cultivation theory; some have found similar situations to the media they watch but the majority don’t come across them stating that the fictitious world remains exactly that, fictitious.  The content of the media products is seen to be subjective where the students have questioned what is happening and relating it to their own lives with the majority opting for a violent approach should the situation be real in their own lives.

The questionnaire response from students that watch or play violent media content provides evidence supporting the theory that violent media content can affect violence in society!

Violence Within Society, Does it Link to Gaming?

To find out a little more about the way media may affect young people I have created a short survey, I have kept it anonymous and easy to answer as talking about violent behaviour can be something people try to hide, as they feel ashamed.  This is to determine a little more information about violence and society and see whether the secondary research supports this or if another avenue to debate will arise.


Below is the questionnaire that will be handed out to collect data:

Violence Within Society, Does it Link to Gaming?


Gender                                     Male                                                 Female


Do you watch films or play games with violent content?







Have you ever tried to copy something you’ve seen on television, in a film or in a game?






Do you ever find yourself coming across situations similar to those you watch on films or TV?


Yes – (Please give an example)







Have you ever been in a fight or acted aggressively towards someone in a similar way to the aggressive/violent content you watch?







When watching or playing action/violent content do you ever think about what you would do in the real life situation?








–       If you answered yes, was your response a FIGHT or FLIGHT response?