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Simple Breakdown to the Action Trailer – Iron Man 3

Simple breakdown to the action trailer

Iron Man Trailer – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ke1Y3P9D0Bc

The Dark Knight Rises Trailer – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g8evyE9TuYk

Action film trailers feature similar content following a rough format appealing to fans of the genre.  The music will start slowly and quiet and build in pace and volume throughout mimicking the heart rate.  Voice-overs will appear in time with the visuals helping to tell the story of the film

Initially the principle ‘good’ characters will be shown unsettled by something, the ‘bad’ characters then reveal little glimpses of themselves causing destruction.  Shocked faces and peril, as everyone seems in danger.  The hero tries to help but gets knocked back down, the world is seen desperate for a hero.  The hero returns to fight for justice, the music gets louder and the pace quickens building the tension.  Actions shots, fighting, explosions cut quickly together giving a taster of what the film holds in store.  The title explodes onto the screen getting larger appearing to get closer to the audience, another final action clip to hook the audience before cutting to either credits or locations to view the film.

Appealing to the Audience

Fans of action/adventure films obviously like to see those elements within the film, so to hook the audience the trailer must to.  The timing of the cuts and the pace of the music along with the actual content displaying the content the fans love with the unique narrative of the film.  The mark of courage, showing a hero rise to save the day doing the right thing, using abilities they have for good.  The music and sequences combined in a smooth action is a huge appeal watching the elite rise up for good.  A similar sensation to sports fans, viewing the best, competing for the championship position but in a fictitious world of possibilities.  The voice-overs and sections of dialogue spoken over the action shots are spoken slowly with conviction.  These short powerful lines stick in the audiences mind and then so will the film!

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Addressing a Product for an Audience



Depending on the theme, function and target market the font will vary to fit in.  Responsive typography is also something to consider allowing the text to be readable on several platforms opening up the possibilities for access from clients.  Helvetica is formal font used more in a business manor.

Product branding is important to get the product noticed.  Different colours and fonts are used sometimes in conjunction with a logo or tag line.  This is designed inform potential clients at a distance of what they actually do.      Unknown-2 The Dark Knight Rises Title branding

Selection & Construction of Content, Modes of Address, Codes & Conventions


‘Doctor Who’ is much more colourful nowadays than it used to be. Obviously when it first started off it was in black and white but even when it went into colour in the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s, it still wasn’t as colourful as it is now. Also the fonts used are a lot more prominent and bold on screen and they stand out more, not just in the title sequence, but in recent episodes it has even given the year and the location away at the start of the episode in the form of bold text. Obviously in the title sequence the font is much larger and centered as that information is more important than the year and location information, which is small and at the side of the screen. In the title sequence you don’t just have the ‘Doctor Who’ logo, but also the name of the episode and the name of the writer after the ‘Doctor Who’ logo has been displayed, and the actresses and actors names before the ‘Doctor Who’ logo is displayed. Target audience comes into it too, as when ‘Doctor Who’ first started it was quite moody, dark and mysterious whereas nowadays it’s more cheerful and it has more comedy elements, and the colours and font being different in the program over the years were used to reflect this.

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Target Audiences, Focus Groups & Update 2 on the Critical Approaches/Responses Unit

The target audience for Adam West 1960’s ‘Batman’ is families but it appeals more to kids than it does adults. It enjoyed a prime time slot in the USA during the 1960’s and it was repeated in UK in the 1970’s also at prime time. It lasted for three seasons. Not as much violence was allowed in the 60’s as it is n0w and that is why the decision was made to make ‘Batman’ have camp and comedic elements in it. It was originally intended to be a serious program back in the 60’s but over the years this has changed and nowadays it has sort of adopted the role of a sitcom. Another reason why it had camp and comedic elements in it was because of the target audience so the content in the show was fit for viewing and fit for purpose and the screen.

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What my group proposes to do is create some surveys and questionnaires. Some of these will be face to face, others will be condcuted online i.e. on Survey Monkey and the link would be posted on Facebook.

We would then probably get a focus group of people together who have watched ‘The Dark Knight’ and show them Adam West 1960’s ‘Batman’. We could get another focus group together too of people who have watched modern ‘Doctor Who’ and show them 1960’s ‘Doctor Who’ if we have time.

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Media Focus Group Surveys & Questionnaires

My group are planning to conduct various surveys and questionnaires on both the web and face to face. They will be completed by focus groups. This could be a number of different focus groups of it could be the same one all the time, we don’t know yet we haven’t figured out what we are definately going to do yet. The focus group and target audience that we will be focusing on the most though is obiviously 16-19 year old media students as anyone who has read my previous posts will know.

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