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Dracula changing over time to Twilight

Dracula V’s Twilight

I am going to talking about how the vampires for Dracula have changed into the modern Twilight vampires over the years.

Dracula. 1931 directed by Tod Browning and Karl Freund.

Count Dracula kill his victims by staring at them wildly and spreading his fingers out by the side of him. At the beginning of the film Dracula is living in Transylvania his native homeland, but he moves to England thus making him have to take dirt from Transylvania to England.  Dracula’s nails are made to look pointy just like Nosferatu the first vampire.

When Dracula is in England trying to get Mina a cigar box is opened and his reflection doesn’t show in the mirror inside the box. As most vampire tales go Dracula has to sleep with the dirt from Transylvania during the daylight. If Dracula was ever to go out in the sun he would most likely burn and turn into ash. In the film the other characters talk about how Dracula looks wild like a wolf with the hunger for human blood. Dracula also has fangs that leave marks on humans when he bites them.

Twilight. 2008 directed by Catherine Hardwicke.

The Cullen family do not hunt humans. They call themselves vegetarians and kill animals instead for blood. They live in a big house so they can fit in with humans. The house is just outside of Forks so they can hunt easily without being noticed. The Cullen’s may have a big house but in their bedrooms they do not have coffins or beds as they don’t sleep at all. Edward, Jasper and Alice have special powers that make them more powerful. Edward has the power to read anyone’s minds apart from Bella’s, Jasper has control of human mood swings and Alice has the power to see the future.

All the vampires are able to go out during daylight but prefer to stay where it is  cloudy as if they go out into the sun their skin sparkles and attracts humans. To go with the skin they are also cold to the touch.

The Cullen family likes to fit in with the humans as most look young so they go to school to collect graduation caps. Also Carlisle works in the hospital to help people out as he doesn’t get hungry with the smell of human blood.

The vampires in this film have different eyes to a human. The vampires that drink human blood have red eyes and the Cullens eyes have an orange look to them, but when they get hungry they turn to a dark brown/ black colour. The vampires don’t have any fangs they just have sharp teeth that will bite into human flesh easily.

Comparing vampires.

Vampires have changed from Dracula who was made to be a monster and people were afraid of him so old tales were said and spread around Transylvania. Now today’s vampires are welcomed to join the humans around them as they think that there not that bad and not scary any more as they fit in with what humans do on a daily basis.

Starting in 1931 with the Dracula movie people viewed vampires as a monster that comes out at night to devour the blood of a human. When vampires of 1931 bite a human that human will be infected and become a vampire. One of the main part of a vampire is the two puncher holes on the neck of a person. Now in 2008 with the Twilight movie vampire are now shown as caring people but stay with their own kind. Some of the vampires have powers like reading minds, seeing the future or controlling people’s emotions etc. The Twilight vampires don’t have fangs their teeth are sharp and can penetrate through skin but the bite puts venom into the person and can change that human. This shows how we view vampires from when they were created as monsters to what they are now living with humans.

The viewers attitude towards 1931 vampires was after watching the film they would walk out of the cinema looking over their shoulder to make sure there was no one there. The attitude towards 2008 vampires was totally different people were welcoming them wanting the vampires to be with them and change them so they can live a immortal life. This is showing the viewers have got use to the vampire idea and now most people fantasise about getting bitten and changing into a vampire.

The acting in Dracula 1931 was big movements so unrealistic to the point where each movement was big and bold to make the vampire more of an animal that is so blood thirsty. The acting in Twilight 2008 is more subtle and has less dramatic facial features but they still have a little wild look to them as they don’t eat humans.

From the beginning vampires have been very sharp, bold and animal like to what they are now which is more human but still having a little of the wild animal in them.

Film makers over the years have changed vampires but they still keep their reputation. They have weakened from being the scary monster that everyone thought was real enough to be scared of at night. Now vampires don’t even need half of the stuff they were first thought to need. Vampires today are more humanised than what they were over fifty years ago.

To sum this all up Vampires are going to evolve more over the years to come in the film making industry. There is still more within the film industry that could be changed with regards to vampires. Vampires are more accepted in today’s society than what they used to be. Today people like to dress up and become vampires themselves. Anything to do with vampires is accepted as there are many different versions of vampires that has been either filmed or in books. Anyone can take little parts of a vampire and put them together to make their own kind of vampire. Modern day vampires are not shown as monsters any more as they have become more human like and able to fit in with society easily. Not many people are afraid of them anymore and would want the vampire to change them so they could live a vampire lifestyle.