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Example of survey with Qual and Quant examples.

In this post, i’m going to share a survey i put out on Various gaming forums and i will explain the results as we go along. Firstly, be aware that this survey was a quick one. The gamers that look at forums get surveys like this all the time, and have a habit of trolling the long ones or just leaving them. Keeping it short and sweet helped itself, as people feel more inclined to do something kill a short amount of time.

So without further ado – the Results!

Firstly, the survey asks the Sex of the participant. This immediately splits the results down the middle, and we can see the majority of which gender plays the most games.

As you can see, the results came out at a good 2/3rds male 1/3 female. Unfortunately, one person answered the “Prefer not to say.” We can assume that this person is either an internet ‘troll’ or is simply uncomfortable with revealing the information


The next question asked was where they lived, and while the country itself was a requirement for the survey, participants had free choice in if they wanted to add more data and specifics to their answer.

Geographic    Because this was the first variable question ( Where participants wrote and didn’t select from a checklist ) the answers vary. As we go through the survey itself, this will be a repetitive pattern and we can utilise this to our advantage. Survey monkey gives the capability of being able to see an individuals answers. So we can specifically see what this persons opinion are and if they are reflected in their age, sex, or style of writing. This is a good form of Qualitive information, while if we just go for statistics, its Quantative.

As you can see, the responses varied in terms of both writing, grammar and detail. The answers vary from a good amount of detail whilst others write minimalistic answers that may not be entirely serious.

Either way, we can use this.

Next was asking about the Age gaps. Typically most people go for intervals of 10, however i prefer to do it in intervals of 5. Its personal in this case really, however there actual reasons to go with certain intervals over others, i just so happened to use this one.

Screen shot 2013-05-16 at 14.45.22The information shows the the minimum of people that have responded are of the age of 16. This means we can all safely assume that everyone that took this survey has left school and has either gone and done more education or has gone into immediate working.  Its interesting to see that the majority of players are of the 16-20 year old , while the next in line is of the 26-30.  This could indicate that during the 21-25 mark, people are looking for jobs or are generally busier, and when they have settled down between 26 and 30, they have slightly more time. This is theoretical and obviously cannot be guaranteed, but when doing audience research we are making stereotypes, and typically that is the order of how things go.

The other age categories saw very little activity, this could indicate families or just n interest in playing it, however the 46-50 skyrocketed above the 21-25 age range. Maybe this indicates people of that age really enjoy spending time on games?

Similar to the age range, we now compare the age range and see if our data and theories where correct.

Screen shot 2013-05-16 at 15.14.06

As you can see, either people spend very little time on it during the week, or they spend quite a lot of their time on games.

Screen shot 2013-05-16 at 15.20.42                                                                                                                                                                                                  So what can we do to prove our theory about the ages? We can look at the individual responses!

When looking at the individual response, we can easily see the specifics. Here is a female that is of an age between 26-30 and lived in Southern Norway untill she moved to California where she has been residing for the last three years. She plays between 16-20 hours of games a week, which is one of the higher numbers. She even met her husband on there? Surely violent video games cannot achieve this?

Apparently they can.

So the next question asks ‘What type of game do you play’, and left it to the participants discretion for details. The results were great, indicting that certain people had a wide variety of genres and play-styles. One respondent talks of Non consensual PVP and Griefing. This is basically being horrible to other players by the means of trying to make the game harder for them or fighting them without their consent, usually resulting in the victims demise. People get a buzz from this and it isn’t surprising, why do it in real life if you can be an ass over the internet? Some answers were very short or only included one game or genre, and we can associate these answers with the people who spend the least amount of time gaming.

Screen shot 2013-05-21 at 09.49.04Screen shot 2013-05-21 at 09.48.45

Next up: Screen shot 2013-05-21 at 10.16.33

Immediately we see responses that go for and against, only strengthening the fact that gaming and violence within gaming can really fluctuate opinions between people. In this post, respondents answered with a majority ‘Yes’, however the influence is spoken of being quite good. Factually, video games are proven to help with hand eye co-ordination among other things, but a respondent tells of increased awareness and patience from playing video games. However one also commented on the matter of the violence being bad, saying that it could inflict damage upon the person playing the games or people around them. This is not a fact, but a possibility that has been harshly concluded with little evidence.

For now, let me leave you with this interesting link.


Results from Audience responses to two similar video games

Question Answer
Gender: male 100% female 0% Age: 16-21 83% 21-25 16%

Ethnic origin: British, White British, Rastafarian, White, British

Hobbies: Tennis, Video games, painting, living a relaxed life, photography & watching films

Preferred gaming product, why? open world RPG, Platform games, open world creative games, Sony Playstation, always had better quality product and service, Xbox because they create a different kind of gaming experience than others. console gaming such as ps3 I play first person shooters and games like Arkham city.
Use of the console besides gaming: watching DVDs, The Internet, video shearing, social sites, sending messages, tv. films, yes to watch movies, the TV apps, Yes for watching programmes and films on Netflix & yes Blu-ray.

How often do you use the console? 1-5 hours 83% 5-10 hours 16%

How many game devices do you have? 1 33% 2 16% 3+ 50%

How do you purchase the product? Online store 50% shop at local town 66%

Which of the two trailers did you prefer? why? Battlefield 3. Destructible buildings. MW3. Since I am more aware of cod and don’t give a rats about battlefield. Battlefield, it gave a brief insight into the story, it featured much more gameplay imagery, seemed to have more meaning where as call of duty was just explosion after explosion. The battlefield trailer gave the audience much more information by using gameplay footage. Battlefield 3 because it appeals to me more than Call Of Duty games.

The questionnaire shows that no females took the quiz giving an understanding that this questionnaire appealed to no other audience than a male one that were mainly aged from 16 to 21.The two main contending products, Ps3 and Xbox preferred choice when it came to why there was a mix of what each person enjoyed, some mainly for web searching and social networking and others who using mainly for movie apps and its online gaming. The hours playing the consoles were seen greater from 1-5 hours this could be as the audience does other activities that may be more important such as jobs or family related issues. Even though more were seen playing less hours a greater percent had more than three consoles questioning if they have more consoles why is more hours played less on them? For the last question a greater number of people preferred Battlefield 3 as it gave more information on the storyline and that it featured more gameplay footage.

Violence in video games. Does it create violence in society?

Does violence in media create violence in society?

There are always on going battles whether or not violence should remain in many different media products, one of the biggest problems/battle is violence in video games and if it is if not one of the biggest problems that creates violence in society.

One of the biggest gaming titles that would mainly represent this problem is the Grand theft auto series. The series of games all feature the same repetitive content such as killing for money, revenge or even just to help someone out. The latest GTA (GTA 4) has relations to immigration of foreigners coming over to America and to find the ‘American dream’ which is then portrayed through means of violence. This video game reality takes the player and places them in a world where anything is possible and where the player can use behaviour they wouldn’t usually undergo or even consider doing in real life due to horrific consequences. The game also features mini games that are not revolved around violence such as hanging out with the in game characters which become friends with the main character. These are based around real life every day activities families and friends would enjoy such as playing pool, bowling and darts.

The hypodermic needle theory is a linear communication theory and suggests that a media message can be ‘injected’ directly into the brain of a homogenous audience (An audience that all think and react the same). The theory suggests that being surrounded by certain topics will change the mood, how the audience reacts, thinks and behaves. E.g. being surrounded by a topic that represents and features sadness or depression will change the audience to becoming upset in a sad or even an angry way. A lot of people think that this is what happens when violence is involved, the violence becomes embedded within the viewer’s brain and then they subconsciously think that violence is the way to act in order to achieve goals easily and quickly.

The producers of the GTA series have based some of their characters around some of the behaviours and characteristics of their target audience, two good examples of this are GTA 4’s game side stories that cross over with GTA 4 these are, The Ballad of gay Tony and The lost and damned show both sides of the different life styles of two different characters that chose two different paths. One is the night life of the game, the fame and glamour of being a wealthy night club owner. The second is the choice of a rebel and not caring for the expensive things in life but caring about respect, brotherhood and making a statement against others that oppose the characters way of life.

The Ballad of Gay Tony features content that involves the games night life and the people that are attracted to bright lights, heavy drinking, drugs, fast cars, expensive clothing, the lives of the rich and famous and the sleaziness of life.
The lost and damned features content that involves rebellion against all things that are out lawed such as drugs, alcohol and weapons and shows the gritty and poor side of life.

Votes Average
10391 9.4
456 9.6
Aged under 18
296 9.6
Males under 18
282 9.6
Females under 18
14 9.6
Aged 18-29
7690 9.4
Males Aged 18-29
7402 9.4
Females Aged 18-29
288 9.7
Aged 30-44
2578 9.2
Males Aged 30-44
2455 9.2
Females Aged 30-44
123 9.6
Aged 45+
232 8.7
Males Aged 45+
210 8.8
Females Aged 45+
22 8.5
Top 1000 voters
93 8.7
US users
3217 9.5
Non-US users
7630 9.3

IMDb users 13634 9.4

This demographic graph from IMDB shows that the main audience for this specific content is aimed at a male audience as over ten thousand voted and is specifically aimed at 18-29 year old males which nearly reach eight thousand. Whereas votes from a female audience are massively lower at all age groups, this shows that the content within in the game does not appeal to a female audience. This could be due to the overall games character and its consistent violence which sometimes is inappropriate or senseless. The game is a more male dominant based game and shows characters that are unkind towards women and treat them with disrespect, the game also shows that women are not trust worthy and can manipulate men into giving information or secrets by means of a sexual behaviour.

In researching about violence in video games that affect society I found an article which suggests that violence in society isn’t always based on the game being violent but the competitiveness of the video game. This features players competing against each other to complete an objective such as online gameplay or two player gameplay. Games that are very popular and have a very popular online competitive gameplay are the Call of duty series, which puts players in teams where they must compete against each other to win the round/game. This is done by selecting a specific weapon class which the player can use in online gameplay to try and defeat the opponent. Not only is video game violence a specific and major concern that is usually blamed for right away and sometimes the cause of violence in society but it is not always the case, there are many other reasons why people act violent or have a violent nature/behaviour in society. Some of these are believed to be the way some people are brought up as a child and has affected them over time, mixing with the wrong group of people at a young age and enter a state of mind that they think is ok when in reality it is against the law and is therefore hard to break out of because it is a constant habit, such as smokers finding it hard to quit because they have been doing it for years.

Link to article about video game violence and it’s affects: http://www.forbes.com/sites/carolpinchefsky/2013/05/08/yet-more-proof-that-violent-videogames-dont-cause-aggression/