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Questionnaire Video


Questionnaire Video

I selected content, did the voice over and edited the content with other members in the group.  The purpose of the video was to guide people through the questionnaire but also to see how many people responded to the video or if it didn’t affect their interest in the subject.

An Example of Quantitative Research 2

An Example of Quantitative Research 2

This is demographical and statisical information taken from a ‘Doctor Who’ video clip from You Tube. It involves things such as likes, dislikes, favourites and comments. It also includes age ranges and males and females. This includes engagement and audience top demographics. Four mini graphs are also displayed representing certain information.

An Example of Quantitative Research 1

An Example of Quantitative Research 1

This is demographical and statisical information taken from a ‘Doctor Who’ video clip from You Tube. It involves things such as views, likes, dislikes and the number of subscribers. A graph and key discovery events are also displayed pinpointing dates and the number of views. There are zero dislikes on this video.

Possible questions my group could use in the critical responses/approaches unit.

This survey is to obtain responses about what the majority of people are into the most. This demographic information will be taken from a focus group of 16-19 year old media students, as that is our target audience for this project. It is also to obtain biological information too such as their age, gender, eye colour and hair colour. This will help us determine things such as what ages are into what different things, what are females into that males aren’t and vice versa and what people with that hair colour and/or that eye colour are into.

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How Science-Fiction Has Changed: ‘Star Wars’ Romance Video 2

Now this second video is drastically different to the first one. This one is on the video game ‘Star Wars: The Old Republic’ rather than on the film ‘The Empire Strikes Back’.

Suddenly interactivity is involved, the relation to the characters is still there but in a slightly different way, as you the player are making the decisions now and it makes you feel more emotionally attached, connected and driven by it.

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How Science-Fiction Has Changed: ‘Star Wars’ Romance Video 1

In this first video from a Star Wars original movie (The Empire Strikes Back, 1980) there is no interactivity that an audience can interact with, all they can do is relate with the characters. Sorry for the bad quality but it’s the best version of the video I could find on You Tube without extra clips or music added in. It is the original music from the film.

Audience Video

To give the questionnaire a different approach one of our group members came up with creating a video about speaking the audio and then having related pictures to be seen. Thinking it was a great idea we all got involved and participated, myself took the lead on finishing the questionnaire which was also used for the script, and then recording all the audio files. We got the member of our group to do the voice over to but to speak in a more theatrical, presenting tone, which will then appeal to the audience. Once they were all done me and one other member were searching through all the pictures that we could use to represent the words i.e. for Facebook, we had the logo etc. However as that was taking too long as the voice over originally came over 5 minutes, we had to cut it down, so we decided to split quickly and move to separate working stations to find more images at a faster pace, then combine them together. I finished off the edit then uploaded the video onto my YouTube account:


Then within a comment i asked if people could view and respond to the video, and in the present time we have 7 views and one like on YouTube (still ongoing and waiting).

Then i created an online survey that I handed out over two Facebook pages that links to the target audience, to which the feedback I will get from those would be more in depth than the video, but both equally useful. Also with our questionnaire we had them printed out so our tutor can then hand them out to other pupils, but also i created and pasted a QR code on the front sheet so the students can also look and wonder whats within the code.

How science-fiction has changed over the years

Firstly, ‘Doctor Who’ is massively different nowadays to how it was back in the 1960’s. When the show started The Doctor was played by an old man (William Hartnell) and nowadays he is played by a young man (Matt Smith). His companions back then were his granddaughter (Susan Foreman) and two school teachers (Ian Chesterton and Barbara Wright), but nowadays it is a woman who keeps dying every time he meets her (Clara Oswin Oswald), so the program has become more complicated over the years with complex story arcs. In the 50th anniversary it is rumoured that there will even be a secret story arc that has been building up over the last three years, maybe more. In the 60’s there weren’t hardly any story arcs.

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